The series Land of Elements is a series by Greenbox that follows the characters Cats and SroduEhdu as they learn magic at a magic school, and put these skills to the test, first in the Magic Games, and then when a powerful new enemy reveals himself, one that ancient prophecies say no human can defeat...


Personality Powers Learned Magic Appearance
Cats TBA He can turn into any species or subspecies of cat on the planet. He is very good with machinery, and sure knows a lot about alternate dimensions... Path of Fire. He is also able to disappear, cast defensive runes, and has mastery over the true names of many daemons. He has learned basic Gallifreyan Spanish. TBA
SroduEhdu TBA He can camoflauge and hibernate like a polar bear. And lately, he has been able to manipulate a dark purplish-black energy... and talk to daemons... Path of Ice. He is also able to become a shadow, cast  attack runes, and has mastery over the true names of many daemons. He has learned basic Old High Gallifreyan. He is a tall 13-year-old boy, very thin, with blue eys, pale skin, and ridiculously messy brown hair, and he wears a pale blue-white cloak. He also wears a sealskin tunic and a collared shirt with a bow-tie. He also wears pants made from fish scales, and carries a pocket watch.
Prof. Loki Ever heard of Loki? (Norse version, not Marvel version, and minus the part about being evil) Again, ever heard of Loki? (Again, the Norse version) Path of Lightning. He is also able to polymorph himself into anything, cast all runes, and has mastery over the true names of many jotuns, fire giants, monsters, and daemons. Once again, ever heard of Loki? (The Marvel version this time, except for having dark blue instead of green)
Prof. Chronotis Likes tea, mind like a sieve, has a flipside that is optimistic, clever, and very mischevious. All abilities of the Time Lords. Also, he can manipulate minds. Path of Cheese. He can cast all runes, time travel, and may have known the true names of all magical creatures, but he can only remember the daemons and some jotuns. He has learned Old High Gallifreyan and Modern Gallifreyan. An old Englishman with white hair and a beard, brown eyes, and moderately light skin, in a yellow cloak with a long staff. His flipside appears just 30 years old, has grey-streaked black hair, and wears a fine yellow suit and a black tie.


  • This is not a fanfiction about any series, although it does incorporate elements of Ben 10, Pokemon, and Doctor Who, and a few daemons and monsters are based on similar creatures in different mythologies. Introducing: the Major Daemons!


Good Daemons

  1. Spindizzy: He has the powers of antigravity, hence the name. He appears as a giant floating piece of land with eyes and a mouth and a city on its back, and a waterfall flowing up it.
  2. William Code: Bill Cipher's flipside. He is an upside-down purple triangle with one eye, a fedora, and a long tie. He has no legs or arms, but has large floating hands.
  3. Alakazam: He is a wizard. He has no face, only glowing yellow eyes under his blue wizard's hat. He also has a blue robe and a staff.

Nuetral Daemons

  1. Gengar: Powers and appearance of the Pokemon of the same name.
  2. Twasntme: Powers of standard daemons. Keeps blaming everything on everyone else.
  3. Death-to-Corks: A person with a corkscrew head. Powers unknown.
  4. Face of Horror: Humanoid rooster with a face so frightening, he wears a mask to avoid scaring himself in the mirror!

Evil Daemons

  1. Tire-an-o-saurus Wrex: Powers to wreck everything and create dystopias with a thought. Appears as a dinosaur made of wrecked cars.
  2. Bill Cipher: Come on! You know him!
  3. Octo: All we know is he has red eyes.

The 6 Elements

There are 6 Elements, each with a Gem and a Guardian on Paragon. The Elements are earth, water, fire, ice, lightning, and cheese. The gem of Ice is Garnet, the gem of Fire is Jasper, the gem of Water is Topaz, the gem of Earth is Jade, the gem of Lightning is Diamond, and the gem of Cheese is Amethyst. The Guardin of Ice is Ictitch, the Guardian of Fire is Phoenics, the Guardian of Water is Leviathan, the Guardian of Earth is Neverest, the Guardian of Lightning is Nwhsoheetaetms, and the Guardian of Cheese is Ratsputin.

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