The Legend of Jack: The Epicness Continues
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date January 7th, 2014
Written by The Awesome Jack
Directed by The Awesome Jack
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Bar Fight
After Party Mania


Sklei: Hi there, I'm Sklei and this is Late Night with Sklei!

A cheer from the audience appears.

Sklei: Tonight, we have our a musical guest and a special guest star.

The audience claps and cheers.

Sklei: The musical guest, Sci! Our special guest star, Ahmad!

Crowd cheers.

Sci: Hello people! This is a song written while I was doing random stuff, it's called, "Run".

After the song is performed by Sci and his band, the audience applauds them.

Sklei: Thanks Sci! Don't worry folks, he'll be back towards the end of the show. Alright, our guest star for tonight's show, Ahmad! 

Ahmad walks on stage.

Ahmad: Hi there!

The crowd is dead silent. Crickets are heard.

Sklei: Now, Ahmad, recently the media has gossip all over the recent bar attack. 

Ahmad: Yes.

Sklei: What are you opinions about this?

Ahmad: I was humble then and fame will not change me. I will admit I was nerve-wreckingly scared. I think I pissed myself.

The audeince laughs as Ahamd's cheeks turn red.

Sklei: Interesting. How do you feel that the culprits are still out there?

Ahmad: It worries me. Even if they are caught, there are still people like them all over the world. People think the middle east is more dangerous, that's not true. The entire world is in conflict. We need to resolve it.

Audience claps.

Sklei: I definetely agree on that.

Ahmad: Can I ask you a question?

Sklei: Sure, right after the break!

Sklei drags Ahmad by the ear backstage.

Sklei: Do not talk about that!

Ahmad: You never told me.

Sklei: Ugh, fine. Just ask me something else when we're live.

Ahmad: Deal.

Sklei: Alright, the reason I stopped acting like a knight was...


Sklei is looking at a pretty girl at Starsbucks.

Sklei: Thou ass is beautiful.

The girl slaps Sklei.

Girl: Jerk!

End flashback...

Ahmad: Oh.

Agent: Get back on stage, we're live in 10 seconds!

The two go back on stage.

Sklei: And....we're back! Alright Ahmad, what is your question?

Ahmad: Well, uh, what's you favorite part of this show?

Sklei: Excellent question. I guess this part. Talking with different people, getting to know the world through their eyes.

Ahmad: That's deep.

Sklei: My final question for you.

Ahmad: Alright.

Sklei: Are you a virgin?

Ahmad: Well, uh, um...

Girls in the crowd look interested.

Ahmad bows his head in shame.

Ahmad: Yes.

Sklei: Well, I bet no one was expecting that!

The audience laughs.

Ahmad: You bitch!

Ahmad lunges at Sklei but a security guard drags him away.

Ahmad: You asshole, fame changed you! You used to be a knight! An awesome bad ass zombie slaying knight!

Sklei: Heh, see what fame does to some people?

The audience applause.

Sklei: That's it for tonight. Hit it Sci!

Sci begins to sing as the credits roll.


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