Dead: Mother, please I beg of you. I need to buy Minecraft! That is what trends on present day.

Dead's Mother: Get the fuck out of my house.


Nar stabbed his wrist with a knife.

Nick: Dude what the fuck are you doing?

Sci: Uh, Nar you should see a doctor about that.

Everyone came in. Nar felt hot tears stream down his face.

Sham: lol that cry baby.

Jack: Shut up Sham. He is in pain. How would you feel?

Jack stabbed Sham. 

Denica: Dude what the fuck?

Jack: Shut up Clitoris Bitch

Zon: ^

Skull: Wait wait. What is the noise?

Everyone turned to Toon. He was sucking his thumb.

Toon: What? I do it to comfort me when I am in stress.

Everyone starting laughing at him except Jack, Sci, Sklei and Solo.

Solo: Don't laugh at him.

Sci: Why Solo said.

Sklei: Yeah, that is not fucking cool.

Jack: Why are these people still living in my house?

Zon: Dude how is that NOT  funny?

Jack: Because it isn't.

Sci: Bullying isn't right.

Toon slowly started to back away to his room, hisface flushed with tears.

Jack: See what you did? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Sci: Toon come back!

Solo: We are going to cheer are friend up.

Two minutes later..

Toon sat on his bed.

Toon: I'm a laughing stock. I have to leave. Now.

Jack: Toon, no.

Solo: Trust Jack on this.

Sklei: We need you here. You are the one to always cheer people up.

Toon: I guess. I still feel bad.

Solo: Don't.

Toon: Why?

Jack: Why not?

Toon: Why?

Sklei: Your arguement is invalid.

Jack: Just please forget about this. We're still your friends.

Toon: I guess.

They all fist bump.

Toon: Alright. 

Lego: Toon, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Toon: It's alright Lego.

Jack: Now who's up for some tacos?

Denica: NO!

She shot him in the head.


He got a bullet in his Mangina.

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