LSHT is a series by DF.


In a world of action and adventure there are many evils that must be put down! And thanks to the League of Super Hero Teens a group sworn to protect TEE City and the rest of the galaxy! Do you have what it takes, to be one of us?


  1. Super Blitz
  2. Titan


  1. Pagrinesusta G. Kosminė
  2. Freelancer

Normal Characters

Signing up!

Post in the comments which side you want be on Good, Evil and Normal


Side: Good

Name: Super Blitz

Real Name: Adam Willow

Powers/Weapons: Flight, Super Strength, Electricity Powers.

Orgin: A simliar story to Batman and Superman's Origin an Alien boy was walking with his parents from a holo theater when a burgler shot the little boys parents. Then his planet blew up and he was the only survivor.

As Easy as that!


Season 1

A new and really really really really really really really EVIL bad guy is in TEE City and now he's coming after the League. What will our heroes do? Duh, recruit new heroes every chance they get and fight this new army of villains with an army of their own.

  1. Blackout
  2. Follow The Leader

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