Let's Go To Hell, Guys is a series created by Xandrea, and the series follows the adventures of Weena, T'Dalou, Turbo, and an Kra'ang soldier.


The fanfic takes place in a fictional state by the name of New Society, where everything can be made to happen, even what seems to exist is drunk musical chairs, ancient angel/demon hybrids, salad buffets, pole-dancing space muppets, and so on.


  • Weena (Genderswapped version of Weenus from Robotomy): An nerdy fembot with a weaponized arm; to which claims to be one of the most valuable object in town. She is the current leader, and the only female of the four. Many said that she has both a faulty psycho chip and Multiple Personality Disorder, in which explains her somewhat constant voice alterations.
  • T'Dalou (NickTrippz): An star vampire whose peppy, and unlawfully good personality, can be blood-thirsty and rabid at the same hour. He is good friends with Kra'ang Drone #808 and Ross. He's also very bad at trying to make good friends.
  • Turbo (Wreck It Ralph): Once the most powerful viruses back in Lit-Wack's Arcade, he now lives with T'Dalou and Weena. He was reincarnated when he was shut down; causing his appearence to constantly glitch out when he's angry. Turbo is often rude towards anyone.
  • Kra'ang Drone #808 "Kra'ang" (TMNT: Into the Apocalypse): a shape-shifting alien soldier who was killed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and brought back by T'Dalou and Turbo. Once he was civilized, he often gets high on false alicorn blood, perscription medication, and even the exhust on Turbo's cart. He is calm and reserved, but he can't help being a total prick.

Episode List

Season 1

808's and Rainbows

Kra'ang falls for Rainbow Dash at the Plutonium Ball, in which he wants her for her blood, and to become high from it.

Propane Kitchen

Weena starts a cooking show, but her recipes are surely for disaster.

Stupid Man

Kra'ang falls into a old, un-mainstream toy franchise, which is really a army of posessed action figures of the dead.


Weena makes friends with a ancient angel/demon hybrid.


LGTHG has shared a influence from the Adult Swim series; Aqua Teen Hunger Force (at their Aqua Something You Know Whatever phase), and bad fanfiction.

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