Liralacho is a series by Sol.


Liralachos are cybernetic warriors (shortened to Liros). In the year 2051, we use them to fight for fun. The fighters enter chambers filled with wires and a liquid known as Syberse to enter a network realm. Everybody gets one, ONLY ONE. Hackers, however, have figured out how to hack by using AntiSyberse (referred to as Niverse) and are severing connections. If your connection is cut while in the chamber by the hackers' means.... You're dead.



  • Ethan
  • Logan
  • Jade



  • Brock


  1. Hacked
  2. Beaten

Type Guide

Logan separates Liralachos into types. Not many do. Probably just Logan and Sol. These are the ones that have been in the show (NO SPOILERS FOR YOU).

  • Maniac- Like Brock's, is weak to Sound attacks
  • Sound- Strong against Maniacs and Prehistoric, weak against Undead
  • Beast- Like Brock and Ethan's Liros, weak to Maniac, Aerial and underwater, strong to Undead and Sound
  • Mineral- Diemond's type, weak against Maniac
  • Techno- Zaptop's type, strong against Prehistoric, weak against Underwater and beast
  • Undead- Diemond's type, weak against Beast
  • Underwater- Like the alligator. Strong against beast, weak against Undead
  • Fire- Weak against Underwater, strong against Mineral and Undead
  • Swordsman- Strong against Beast
  • Prehistoric- Strong against Beast, weak against Swordsman and Sound
  • Aerial- Weak to Beast
  • Gunslinger- Strong against Beast and Undead, weak against Aerial and Underwater
  • Healing- Just heals

Liro Guide

These are the Liros and their human counterpart. These will only list the ones Sol has implemented so far.

Human Liros Type Signature Attack Other Attacks Based On
Ethan The lion dude, named "Lionpaw" by Sol for now Beast

Sonic Roar (Sonic type)

Blade Claws (Beast/Swordsman type)

Call of Pride (Beast)

Titanic Kick (Maniac)

Brock The minotaur guy with the hammer, named "Hammer Time" by Sol for now Maniac/Beast Seismic Hammer (Maniac type) Minotaur
Hacker That one vulture-dragon-cyborg thing TBA Syberse Cannon Random shit Sol thought of A vulture
Logan "Zaptop" for now Techno

Sonic Whip (Techno/Sound)

Surgery (Healing)

Grapple Whip (Aerial)

Hitbox (Healing)

Entity Destruct (Maniac/Techno)

Jade "Diemond" for now Mineral/Undead Diamond Fury (Gunslinger/Mineral)

Diamond Blade (Mineral/Swordsman)

Diamond Shard (Mineral)

Diamond Spiral Leap (Mineral/Aerial)

Bat Storm (Aerial/Undead)

TBA The alligator in Streak Beast/Underwater Death Roll (Maniac/Beast)

Tail Swipe (Beast)

Chain Wrap

Diamond Skin (Mineral)

Whirlpool (Underwater)

Leap of Faith (Aerial)

One of Joey's monsters from Yugioh, the one he equips with Kunai and Chain
TBA The zombie in Streak Maniac/Undead Flaming Grenade (Fire/Maniac) Gatling Grenade (Maniac/Gunslinger) The Zombie mutant from Mutants Genetic Gladiators
TBA The raptor in Streak Prehistoric/Beast Sonic Claw (Swordsman/Sound)

Talon Strike (Aerial)

Blade Claws (Swordsman/Beast)

Spiral Kick (Aerial)

The raptors from Dinosaur King
TBA The Frankenstein-like monster in Streak Undead/Techno Duo Lightning Flow (Techno) Frankenstein
TBA The dove-archer in Streak Aerial/Beast


  • Liralacho is a combination of two Irish words meaning network and warriorlíonra laoch.
  • There are 5 Syberse types confirmed:
    • Blue (normal)
    • Red (Niverse, used to kill)
    • White (Vanorse, used by Ace to connect as a human)
    • Green (Hanorse, used by hackers to go to the regular world as their Liros)
    • Beige (Meyerse, used by hackers nicknamed 'Trenchies' to induce amnesia and knockouts)
  • Sol got the idea for Syberse from the healing liquid from Dragon Ball Z's Namek saga, where Goku went into a rejuvenation chamber and the liquid poured onto him.

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