AB's Awesomeness
Season 1, Episode 13
Lunar Loboans
Air date N/A
Written by ><
Directed by ^
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Lunar Loboans is an episode of AB's Awesomeness. It is the first one with 2 commercial breaks.


Luna Lobo was shown. Several Loboans were shown walking, talking, eating, etc. Then, several vampire aliens flew over them. Loboans screamed and ran. More muscular Loboans sonic screamed at the vampires. The vampires flew around the screams and to Loboans. They bit them and made them faint. All of the Loboans that didn't get bitten ran into ships and flew away.


All of the ships flew to Earth.


Awesome Betterhero, George, Kayla, Mikayla, and Mapapagreda were in a 4D virtual reality room.

"Okay. Underwater, underground, undermustard, or indoor trap-filled maze?" asked AB.

"Indoor trap-filled maze!" yelled George, Mikayla, and Mapapagreda.

AB walked to a dial on the wall and turned it. The room turned into an indoor trap-filled maze. George, Kayla, Mikayla, Mapapagreda, and AB were teleported to random places in it.

"LET'S SPAR!" yelled AB right before he turned into Battlesuit.

He flew forward, but a cage fell on him.

"Darn," he said.

Mikayla stretched forward. A giant steel ball fell out of the ceiling and rolled toward her. Mikayla flattened herself, and the ball rolled over her. A bear trap trapped her hand, but she made four hands out of her other arm and separated the halves. She saw George running.

"He he he," she said.

Mikayla stretched her arm and put it in front of George. George tripped. Mikayla picked up George and threw him inside a snare.

"HA HA!" she said.

George shot a laser at the wall next to Mikayla. Some bombs flew out of it and exploded, knocking Mikayla down. Meanwhile, Mapapagreda was merged with a bulky robot. He rolled through traps, and smashed them once he got stuck in them. A lot of ropes went around him. Mapapagreda shot a laser at all of them and broke them.

"No one traps Mapapagreda!"

Mapapagreda rolled down a hallway. The steel ball rolled to him. Mapapagreda ran to it and tried to push it forwards, but it was too big. Mapapagreda unmerged with the robot and flattened himself. The ball destroyed the robot.

"Awww man!"

He continued running down the hallway. Kayla ran very fast and the traps were too slow. She got to AB and stopped.

"Please, let me out!" said AB.

Kayla shook her head, but a cage fell on her.

"Ha," he said.

Kayla spun around quickly, and drilled through the floor. She came up from the ground outside of the cage, then ran away. AB attracted the other cage, and it knocked the cage he was in off of him. AB flew in the other direction then Kayla, but two cage halves came out of the wall and trapped him.


George was shooting a laser at the snare rope.

"This is one strong-" he said right before he fell down and ran away.

Mikayla was getting pelted with bombs. She stretched her index finger and made a large slingshot. The bombs went at bombs and exploded. Mikayla ran to George, and unstretched her finger. A giant arm came out of the wall and tried to grab George, but he froze it. The ice broke, and the arm grabbed George. George shot a ray from his hand, and the hand turned into a bag of French fries.

"I'm hungry," said Mikayla.

"Me too," agreed George.

Mikayla and George sat down and ate French fries. Mapapagreda came to a lava pit with chains over it. Mapapagreda stretched his leg over the pit, but a rock cannon came out of the wall and shot rocks. A rock hit Mapapagreda's leg, and he fell. He quickly stretched up, grabbed a chain, and pulled himself up. The chain fell.


He quickly stretched to the next chain, but it fell. He quickly stretched to all of the chains, then landed on the other side. 5 holes opened in the ceiling in front of him, and poisonous acidic spiky firey living bear traps fell out of them.

"AAAH!" said Mapapagreda as he shot lasers at them.

Kayla ran forward, but a tornado came up from a hole.

"Uohh," she said.

Kayla ran up on the wall and tried to run past the tornado, but it threw her down.


She backed up a lot, then ran forward super fast, but the tornado threw her back. She ran into the wall.


She did it several more times without moving even an inch away from the wall. A hole formed and got deeper. She did this all the way to the other side of the tornado. There was another tornado.


AB had been charging up electricity. He shot big electricity at the walls, and made big holes. He flew through a hole, and down a hallway. 6 wrecking balls came out of the ceiling and swung at him. AB attracted them, and got a battle suit made out of wrecking balls and string. He smashed through walls and ran through them. He ran into a room filled with water. AB stretched his strings, and they grabbed the ceiling. He pulled himself up, but the part of the ceiling fell on him. AB got rid of the suit, then rode the piece of the ceiling to a wall. AB detransformed and shot a laser at the wall. He went through the hole, then kept shooting holes while running through them. French fries were floating while Mikayla was stretching and grabbing them.

"That was mean!" she said while George ran away.

George ran to a wall. He turned around, but a wall came down and trapped him. George shot a laser from 4 of his fingers at each wall, but nothing happened. George focused, then shot a laser at one of the walls. He jumped through it, and was in a place where mouse traps were falling from the ceiling. George shot several yellow lasers at falling mouse traps and they held in place.

"There's too many! Wait, I have an idea."

He shot a laser at a mouse trap and turned it into a yardstick. The yardstick set off a mouse trap. George quickly ran to the yardstick. That mouse trap set off another, which set off another, which set off another, and the cycle continued. George quickly ran near the mouse traps that got set off. Eventually, he was at the other side. He ran down a hallway. Mikayla stretched around cannonballs coming from the wall. Cannons became closer together and shot more cannonballs as she stretched down the hall. Mikayla made several big hands, caught the cannonballs, and used them to deflect other cannonballs. When she got to the end of the hallway, she quickly stretched her lower body to her and landed on the ground.


15 laser guns came out of the wall and fired lasers at her.


She stretched around the lasers, but the laser guns moved. She used cannonballs to block the lasers, then threw them at the guns and broke them. Three spiky walls appeared around her and moved closer. Mikayla stretched up, then punched the ceiling with several big fists. She eventually made a hole, stretched into it, and pulled herself up. She stretched through the hole. Mapapagreda had changed his shape to look like one of the bear traps. He hopped past them, and saw an elevator. He got into it and went up, but electricity started forming around him.

"Uh oh."

He merged with the elevator, and created a device that would suck in electricity. He sucked the electricity in, but malfunctioned and rocketed around. He turned the elevator into a ship, then got into it.  He flew it in one direction. Kayla was running and holding a red device. 2 rock creatures came from the wall. Kayla turned on the device and threw it. A tornado came from it, threw one of the rock creatures, and made him break. Kayla looked at the other rock creature. He put Kayla on his shoulder, then drilled through the ground. The screen split into 5 vertical rectangles. AB was jumping through holes, George was running, Mikayla was stretching through a hole, Mapapagreda was flying, and Kayla was drilling. They all reached a red ball in a large empty room.

"AAAAH!" they all yelled.

Kayla jumped down from the creature's shoulder and ran to the ball. AB made a forcefield under him and quickly went to it. Mikayla quickly stretched to it. George shot a laser at it, and it rolled toward Mapapagreda. He picked it up and ran, but Kayla ran into him. The ball rolled to AB. AB turned into Pillows, then stretched his blanket to hold it. He breathed sleeping gas around him. Mikayla formed 3 more arms from one of her arms, then spun them to make a fan that blew away the gas. George shot a freeze ray at AB, then ran to him. Kayla beat him, grabbed the ball, and ran, but Mapapagreda stretched his leg and tripped her. Mikayla stretched and grabbed the ball that flew out of Kayla's hand.

"GIMME THE BALL!" yelled George.

"NEVAH!" yelled Mikayla as she punched George with 6 big fists.

AB launched his spots at Mikayla, and knocked the ball out of her hand. Kayla ran and grabbed it the same time Mapapagreda stretched and grabbed it. Mapapagreda shot a laser at Kayla, but she ducked. She spun around quickly and ripped the ball from Mapapagreda's hands. Mapapagreda liquefied himself and went under Kayla. He stretched his fist up and swatted the ball away. George picked it up, got into the ship, flew away, and shot a ray at the creature.

"DOYAOWIRIUDO!" the creature said as it jumped from foot to foot.

The creature slapped his hand on his knee. Mikayla tried to stretch to the ship. The creature spun around, fell down, got back up, threw Mikayla down, and sat on her.

"AAH!" she said.

AB put his blanket on his ground and stretched it, sending him up. The creature put the blanket in his mouth and ate it.

"Laser Firer must have shot you with a crazy ray," said Mapapagreda.

The creature picked him up and flossed with him. Kayla backed away and sat down.


They were sitting at a table in AB's kitchen.

"What do I get for winning?" asked George.

"Nothing. That was for training," said AB.

"I bought some donuts," said Mapapagreda as he stretched a box of 6 donuts on the table.

They all grabbed one and ate it.

"Yes, I get something. The last donut!" said George right before he picked up the last donut and ate it.




They started arm wrestling. They were even. AB turned into Humongousaur and threw George down.

"Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!" said George.

He shot a laser and turned the table into a pumpkin. He threw it into AB's mouth.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" said AB.

He turned into Heatblast and set George's pants on fire. George jumped down and rolled until the fire went out. He shot a laser at the donut box, turned it into a pumpkin, and put it on AB's head. AB burned the pumpkin. Some loud sounds were heard outside.

"Wahwtsahtta?" asked Kayla.

They all ran outside. Several ships were there, and Loboans were coming out of them.

"Wolf aliens?" said George.

"They're the same species of ABwolf," said AB.

"They're called Loboans," said Mapapagreda.

"ATTACK!" one of them said.

All of the Loboans ran to the 5. AB made a circle of fire around a lot. George froze some, but some others scratched the ice and broke it. Mikayla slammed several Loboans with big hands. Kayla ran into Loboans and knocked them down, but they got back up and sonic screamed at her.

"GIRL OF SPEED!" yelled Mikayla.

Kayla ran to her.

"Dnot'owrry. Suodnambyfesat, btuaKlyiafssaetr!" said Kayla.

"Umm, what?" said Mikayla.

Kayla knocked some more down. They got back up and opened their mouths, but Kayla ran into them. She pushed a bunch of Loboans into a pile. Mapapagreda liquefied himself, slipped under the pile, solidified the ends of him, stood them up, and bounced up. The Loboans were launched to George and AB. AB and George shot fire and lasers at them. A Loboan screamed at Mikayla and knocked her forward. Mikayla picked him up with a big hand, then threw him far away. Mapapagreda merged with one of the ships, and sent out a wave. 6 Loboans formed a circle around George and tried to scream, but couldn't.

"I'm stopping their screams," said Mapapagreda.

AB turned into Diamondhead, then had diamond waves knock Loboans back. He made a large dome around most of the Loboans. One of the Loboans jumped at the ship Mapapagreda was merged with, but Mapapagreda punched him down. The Loboan scratched at it.

"NO ONE PUNCHES UTVAGE!" yelled the Loboan.

Mapapagreda shot a laser at him, but Utvage jumped away. Utvage started tearing off pieces of Mapapagreda. Mapapagreda shot a blinding flash, then regenerated the pieces.

"RAWR!" said Utvage right before he jumped on Mapapagreda.

Utvage jumped in and saw the device that was letting out the wave. He scratched it until it broke. He jumped out of the ship and screamed at the dome. It broke. The Loboans screamed at AB. AB made a diamond shield. Right after it broke, he shot diamonds. 3 Loboans screamed at him from behind and started breaking him. AB evolved.


AB made his arms form a circle around his waist, and shot exploding diamonds from all of them. Loboans got sent up. Mikayla made her hand big in between the Loboans and the ground. When the Loboans landed on her hand, she made her hand a sphere, threw them into a ship, and wrapped her arm around it. Utvage snuck behind AB and knocked him down. AB froze Utvage, but he screamed and broke the ice. AB ran at Utvage and punched him into a tree. Utvage picked up the tree.

"That's one strong Loboan," AB said.

"UTVAGE WILL SMASH YOU!" shouted Utvage.

He slammed AB down with the tree. AB got up, ran to Utvage, and made a diamond sword. Utvage screamed at it, but it wouldn't break.

"My diamonds are stronger now!" said AB.

Utvage grabbed the sword, threw it, kicked AB back, and slammed him into the ground several more times. AB made a diamond platform under himself, and levitated it to Utvage. Utvage turned the tree so he was holding it horizontally. AB shot big diamonds at the tree to the left of Utvage's right hand, and to the right of his left. The part of the tree in between Utvage's hands fell on him and knocked him out.

"Nice," said Mikayla.

"Thanks," said AB, reverting.

"What do you suppose the Loboans were doing here?" asked George.

"That's what we're about to find out," said AB.

They all went into a ship.

"Look around for anything interesting," said AB.

They all looked around.

"Iofnusdmoteihgn!" said Kayla.

She picked up a map and showed it to everyone. It was a map of the Anur System, the Solar System, and everything in between. Earth was circled, there was an X on Luna Lobo, and an arrow from Anur Transyl to Luna Lobo.

"Earth's circled because they came to it. Can anyone figure out the X or the arrow?" asked Mapapagreda.

"The arrow probably means that something came to Luna Lobo. Maybe the X means that Luna Lobo got destroyed?" said Mikayla.

"Wrong. As usual. If Luna Lobo got destroyed, I don't think they would've fought us. Whatever came to Luna Lobo must have made them leave," said George.

"What could've come from Anur Transyl?" asked AB.

"Tarsnlyaisn!" said Kayla.

"Transylians live on Anur Transyl," said George.

"Tah'twsahItujstasid!" said Kayla.

"Can someone make a translator for her or something?" asked AB.

"Maybe after this," said Mapapagreda. "Why would Transylians come to Luna Lobo?"

"They're smart aliens. They most likely build things a lot. Maybe they went to their moon to find some thing or things that they need to build some sort of machine," said Mikayla.

"Wrong. As usual. Again," said George. "Why would they leave if Transylians were just looking for something? They must have attacked."

"Why would they attack?" asked Mikayla.

"Maybe Transylians didn't go to Luna Lobo at all. Maybe something else did. But what?" asked AB.

"Il'gltecamoupettrlokopuniofmrtaoianobtunArurTnaysl," said Kayla right before running off.

"Seriously. Translator. Now," said AB.

Mapapagreda picked up some parts from the ship and started building something. Kayla ran back in.

"Valadst!" she said.

"Valadst? What's a Valadst?" asked George.

"Vladats? I'tVsaladst," said Kayla.

"Vladats? I remember reading about those. They were vampire aliens that lived on Anur Transyl, but they were wiped out in a war against Transylians. Vladats ate Transylians," said Mapapagreda.


"If Vladats were wiped out, how could they go to Luna Lobo?" asked Mikayla.

"That's what we're about to find out," said AB.

"You said that about 2 minutes ago," said Mapapagreda.

"MAIK ET NAO!" screamed AB while jumping around and shooting lasers at Mapapagreda.

"Stop imitating Mikayla!" said George. "Stop imitating George!" said Mikayla.

"Let's go to Luna Lobo!" said AB.

He ran to a chair and sat in it. He pulled a lever, and the spaceship started. They started flying off the planet. Utvage woke up, and saw the ship.

"I don't think so."

Commercial break.

The ship was flying. It passed Neptune, and the inside of the ship was shown. Kayla, George, and Mikayla were playing rock, paper, scissors. Kayla and Mikayla both threw paper while George threw scissors.

"Ha! Scissors beats paper," said George.

"This isn't paper. It's slap, which beats nerd," said Mikayla, before slapping George.

"And laser beats dork," said George, shooting Mikayla.

George shot lasers while Mikayla stretched and kicked him.

"I think I've finished the translator!" said Mapapagreda, holding it up.

George shot a freeze ray, but Mikayla stretched her head to the left. Her head knocked the translator out of Mapapagreda's hands. It fell and broke.

"I can fix that," said Mapapagreda.

Mapapagreda became a puddle under the pieces, and merged with them. He started fixing the translator, but Mikayla threw George on top of him. Mapapagreda stretched out from under him. George got up, and his foot knocked the pieces under the door and into space.

"I'll.....just start making a new one," said Mapapagreda.

"Loooktu!" said Kayla.

A meteor was flying fast towards the ship.

"I hope there are gizmos on this thing," said AB.

He looked around the control panel and saw a button with a missile on it. AB pressed that, and a beam came out of the ship with a missile facing backwards. The missile went towards the ship, but AB made a forcefield around it, and the missile exploded when it hit that.

"What kind of missile launcher faces backwards?" asked AB.

AB pressed another button, and two laser guns came out of the back of the ship. They fired.

"Quick! Turn around!" said Mikayla.

AB started turning the ship around, but the meteor hit and the ship spun fast.

"We definitely are now," said George.

AB pressed another button, and a parachute came out of the top of the ship.

"What kind of spaceship has a parachute?" asked AB.

"Let me try the next button," said Mikayla.

"That's a good idea," said AB.

Mikayla stretched her arm and pressed a button. Spikes came out of the ship, and revolved around it. They sliced the meteor into several pieces, then went back into the ship.

"The ship's too damaged to keep moving. What should we do?" asked AB.

"I'll merge with it and fix it up," said Mapapagreda.

"Keep working on the translator. I'll fix it," said AB.

AB slammed the UST, and accidentally turned into ABwolf.

"Stupid Ultra Supreme Trix! Hey, isn't it weird that it gave me an alien who's species is main in this episode?" asked AB.

"No. Awesome Betterhero made you turn into him for a reason," said George.

AB sonic screamed at the walls of the ship. The dents popped up. AB walked into a power room, and there were a bunch of broken wires flapping around. AB grabbed two and pulled them together. He tied them together, then did the same several more times. When he was finished, he walked out and to the control panel.

"Let's keep going!" he said.

4 hours later.....

The ship was flying.

"W'eerlaomtsothtAeunSrsyetm!" said Kayla.

"Hey, we're almost to the Anur System!" said Mikayla.

"Iujtsasdihtta," said Kayla.

"Are you finished with that translator, Mapapagreda?" asked AB.

"Just about," said Mapapagreda.

"We are nearing Anur Transyl. I'm gonna fly up to Luna Lobo," said AB.

AB tilted the ship while flying up. The translator fell off the table and into the power room. Mapapagreda ran after it, and saw it fall into an electric box. The translator exploded. Mapapagreda walked out of the room.

"Umm, AB?" said Mapapagreda.

"Yeah?" said AB.

"You know when I said just about?"


"Well, I meant just about just about just about just about....."

20 minutes later.....

The ship landed on Luna Lobo.

".....just about just about just about just about finished," said Mapapagreda.

"It broke, didn't it?" asked AB.

"No! Maybe. Yes," said Mapapagreda.

They all walked off the ship. Lots of Vladats were moving Loboans to a castle. A Vladat looked at AB.

"Krshnshm, qtrebas wdjajfjb pqozmaapqgh!" one said.

Him and 4 other Vladats flew to AB. AB sonic screamed at them, but they flew around it. Mikayla stretched her hand and made it big, blocking the Vladats from AB. They bit it.

"Ouch!" she said, retracting her hand. It was mainly gray.

George shot freeze rays at the Vladats, but they dodged them. Kayla ran fast, then jumped up and threw a Vladat down. She landed on him and kicked him several times. Mapapagreda shot a laser at 2 Vladats, and they fell down. AB ran behind them, and pushed them to the ground.

"Aborytrabmnj! Qzmnx!" said another Vladat.

More Vladats came. George shot yellow rays at some, and they became immobile. 2 Vladats flew to him and kicked him several times.

"Oww! Oww! Oww!" said George, right before he shot lasers from his shoulders and knocked the Vladats back.

"You can shoot lasers from your shoulders?" asked AB as he punched a Vladat in the face, then kicked him down.

"I can shoot lasers from every part of my body," said George, shooting a freeze ray from his armpit.

It froze a Vladat. The Vladat fell to the ground and shattered.

"Weird," said AB.

He jumped onto the back of a Vladat.

"Asweprtymnzxx! Bgftkjhasdlf!" yelled the Vladat.

"Umm, no thanks," said AB.

He clawed the Vladat's wings. The Vladat fell to the ground, while AB jumped onto another one's back and started doing the same thing. Most of Mikayla's arm was gray and lumpy. She was holding back a Vladat with big hands.

"Guys? Something's wrong with my arm," she said.

The grayness and bumpiness traveled to all of her arm, to her shoulder, and started growing on her torso.

"I'm becoming Gray Lumpy Girl or something."

"Did a Vladat bite you?" asked Mapapagreda.

"Yeah, why? Wait a minute. I'm not turning into a vampire, am I?" she asked.

"No," replied Mapapagreda.


"You're turning into a Vladat."

Mikayla screamed.

"Is there anyway to help her before she becomes Mikayla Cullen?" asked AB.

"Not that I know of," said Mapapagreda.

Kayla ran and jumped on a Vladat's head. She jumped high and kicked another one in the chest, knocking it down. She ran around some, spun them, and stopped. The Vladats fell down from dizziness.

"We can worry about Vampire Mikayla later. Now, we need to find whoever's leading these Vladats," said AB.

He detransformed and made a large forcefield around all of them, then they ran past the Vladats. The Vladats tried to break through the forcefield, but they couldn't. Eventually, they got past all the Vladats, and kept running.


Lots of Loboans were on Earth, eating things, and destroying things with sonic screams. People were screaming and running. A crowd was throwing things at a Loboan, but the Loboan sonic screamed at the ground under them, sending them soaring up, and crashing down.

"It might take a while, but eventually, this planet will be just like home," said a Loboan.

Outside AB's house.......

Utvage had gathered several parts of ships. He was building his own ship. He was trying to put an engine and a long rod together.

"Let's see, the rod goes here."

Utvage dropped the engine, and picked up a bolt.

"And the battery goes here."

Utvage put the bolt inside the engine and kicked it, then it exploded.

"I guess it doesn't. Let's see here."

He walked over and grabbed several magnets. He stuck them on a piece of metal, then stuck more on a microphone. He stuck the microphone to the metal, then threw it.

"I think when I put those together, it's called a boomerang. Oh wait, maybe it's called a stick."

Back on Luna Lobo.......

Most of Mikayla's torso was gray, and all of her neck. The group saw a giant place that Vladats were still building and stopped running. AB put down the forcefield.

"What do you think they're building?" whispered AB.

"Looskilekosemostrfoactsel," said Kayla.

"It looks like some sort of castle," said George.

"Iujtsasdihtta," said Kayla.

"Mapapagreda, you finished yet?" asked AB.

Mapapagreda held up a translator.

"YEAH!" he yelled.

All of the Vladats turned and looked at the gang. One flew by, and snatched the translator.

"Not again," said AB.

The Vladat with the translator flew inside the incomplete castle. The other Vladats soared at the gang. AB shot lasers at them, but two grabbed his arms and stopped him. Vladats grabbed George and Mapapagreda, too. Mikayla made several arms that punched the Vladats, but they grabbed them and tied them together. Kayla zipped away from all the Vladats, and they carried the four into the castle. Eventually, they reached a room where a giant Vladat was sitting on a pillow. He was wearing the translator around his neck.

"The translator!" yelled Mapapagreda.

A Vladat kicked Mapapagreda.

"I am the Great Vlfpowqmnanti. Why have you come here?" asked the giant Vladat.

"Nanti? Can I call you Nanti?" asked AB.

"NO," replied Nanti. "That goes for you too, Awesome Betterhero," said Vlfpowqmnanti. "That's better."

"Well, Vlfpowqmnanto-"

"Nanti! Vlfpowqmnanti!"

"Right, right. Vlfpowqmnanti, we understand that you have invaded this moon, the home of the Loboans. And because of this, the Loboans have invaded our home, Earth," said AB.

"Earth? Speak of this so called, Earth," said Vlfpowqmnanti.

"The main species of Earth is humans, like all of us. However, there are so many other animals, like dogs, frogs, bats, cats, geese, fleas, elephants, and douroucolis. There are also lots of plants, such as trees, flowers, and grass," said AB.

"Grass? Sounds dangerous."

"The dangerous plants are weeds like dandelions that stop other plants from growing."

"Interesting. It's too bad that the Loboans are probably going to tear up all those plants."

"Not if humans stop them. And if you, Vlfpowqmsquanto-"


"-lead the Vladats away from Luna Lobo, then the Loboans could come back here, and Earth would be safe."

"But there's a problem with that plan. We can't leave."

"Why not?"

"There's nowhere else for us to go."

"I know that the Transylians wiped you guys out. How did you come back?"

"A long time ago, the Transylians and Vladats had a huge war. The Transylians wanted to wipe out the Vladats, since we were their predators. The war went on for several years, and the Vladats were winning. However, several Transylians gathered together to use their intelligence to build a weapon that could wipe out the Vladats. They came up with a machine that would separate the cells of several types of species."

"In the final battle of the war, the Transylians brought their weapon out and used it. It, fortunately for them, worked, and separated all of our cells. It also had an unexpected, but fortunate side effect. It turned every Vladat cell into a Transylian cell that, over time, would become a full grown Transylian. All except one, the biggest. It was, however, slightly affected with Transylian DNA. Over time, the cell grew and became a small organic Vladat organism with knowledge of everything that had happened."

"One time, when it saw a Transylian, it bit him, and transfered itself to inside the Transylian's body. The organism used it's tiny bit of Transylian DNA to take over the whole Transylian's body. The Vladat DNA transformed the body into a half Transylian, half Vladat. It bit several Transylians. However, instead of turning them into half and half, there was more Vladat DNA than Transylian DNA, since the body was controlled by a Vladat. The bit Transylians bit more Transylians, and the Transylian DNA in them decreased until eventually, Transylians turned into full Vladats. This happened about 60 years ago."

"About 1/5 of the Transylians had become Vladats. However, the 4/5 kicked the 1/5 off the planet. The Vladats flew around space, looking for a planet to inhabit. They eventually found Luna Lobo and tried to invade it, but the Loboans defeated them. The Vladats planned many attacks over the years, but all of them failed. Eventually, I got a chance to plan an attack. My plan worked, and we kicked the Loboans off the planet instead of the other way around. I was made the leader of the Vladats. Now, we plan to combine our intelligence to create a super weapon that will destroy Anur Vladias and all the Transylians that live on it!"

"Swqermng, rtyppla aforor laiwjfnf," said a Vladat.

"I've just been told that it is now called Anur Transyl. Well, pretty soon, it will be called Gone!" said Vlfpowqmnanti.

"Wait. Something's not right here. You were made the leader of an alien species just because of your plan and size?" asked Mapapagreda.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you: I was the cell that was only minorly affected by the cell splitter's side effect," said Vlfpowgmnanti.

Mapapagreda gasped! Mikayla gasped! AB gasped! George was eating a sandwich. Mikayla stretched and knocked it out of George's hands.

"Oh, right," said George.

George gasped!

"I was ashamed of my Transylian DNA, so I had full Vladats bite me. I grew with every bite, and vanquished my Transylian DNA," said Vlfpowqmnanti.

"Wait, hold up. When the Vladats bite people, they turn into full Vladats?" asked Mikayla, who was now gray everywhere except her head and her foot.

Vlfpowqmnanti looked at Mikayla.

"You've been bitten? Well, I think I have a plan. Vladats, throw the other three in the dungeon!" ordered Vlfpowqmnanti.

The Vladats that were holding Mapapagreda, AB, and George flew to an unfinished dungeon, and dropped them in. George pushed a block out of place, and the whole wall collapsed.

"Wow. This is a really bad dungeon."

They ran out. Kayla dashed back to them.

"Hgiyus. Wahdtdimisis?"

"Kayla!" said AB. "Let's go to a safe area! I think it should be that dense forest."

"I'll explain stuff on the way there," said Mapapagreda, and the group started running away.

Kayla dashed away from the others.

"Okay, maybe when we are there."


They were all in the dense forest, under a tall, thick tree.

"So that's what happened," said Mapapagreda.

Something was soaring overhead. Everyone looked up, and the object shot a thick laser that destroyed all the trees in the dense forest. The object landed. It was a ship that was obviously made from other ship parts. Utvage jumped out of the door.


Utvage sonic screamed at AB. It hit the UST, and AB automatically turned into ABwolf.

"LOBOAN DNA LOCKED," informed the UST.

"That can't be good," worried AB.

Utvage darted at AB, but AB knocked him to the side. Utvage grabbed AB's leg and threw him down, but AB did the same to Utvage. They kept doing the same to each other for a while, until Mapapagreda and George shot lasers at Utvage, sending him flying into a tree, which collapsed. Kayla dashed at Utvage, and traveled in an oval motion as she kicked him each time around. Utvage jumped out of Kayla's way.

"Guys, let's forget Utvage. We have to rescue Mikayla!" AB ordered.

Mapapagreda and Kayla began following AB to the castle.

"George, you coming?" asked AB.

"Nope. I'll keep fighting Garlicbreath here," replied George, before he shot some lasers that Utvage dodged.

AB and Mapapagreda grabbed Kayla, and she pulled them to the side of the castle, with a moat that was guarded by 4 Vladats. The UST on AB's chest beeped. AB pressed it, and a hologram of Venus Teen appeared.

"Guys, these Loboans are going crazy!" said Anthony.

"Try to keep them under control," replied AB.

At Earth....

"Neptuchon!" Anthony said, and became his energy form.

He flew out of AB's house, and blasted all the Loboans he could. Some of them screamed back, but Anthony flew around the screams and punched the Loboans. He then flew to City Hall, and inside, where the mayor was. Several of the Loboans were getting closer and closer to the mayor. Anthony flew next to him and shot all the Loboans he could.

"Oh, hi there," said the mayor unexpectedly.

Back at Luna Lobo....

Kayla dashed by the Vladat guards and broke through the drawbridge.

"Frtypozi! Krnde!" said one of the guards.

"Krnde!" said the others.

They jumped through the hole in the drawbridge and chased Kayla. Mapapagreda and Awesome Betterhero ran to the front of the castle. Mapapagreda stretched up to the roof, then Awesome Betterhero, still ABwolf, climbed up Mapapagreda. Both landed on top of the castle, then went into a door on the floor and saw Vlfpowqmnanti. He was holding a jar up to Mikayla's face. Mikayla was chained to the wall tight so she couldn't stretch. There was a small black creature with tentacles in the jar, and it looked like a Xenocyte. The creature was trying to attach itself to Mikayla's face.

"Let her go!" yelled AB.

"Do not interfere with the grand plan! Once the parasite attaches to the girl's face, her only memories will be of her as the queen! Together, we will raise a family of superpowered Vladats that will be unstoppable!" explained Vlfpowqmnannti.

"Gross," commented Mapapagreda.

"You can't have her!" said AB, who sonic screamed at Vlfpowqmnanti. He flew up, but the parasite fell out of the jar. The scream knocked the parasite onto Mikayla's face.

"Ooops. Heh heh," said AB.

Commercial break!

Half of Mikayla's body was already consumed.

"Mapapagreda, try to remove that thing from Mikayla's face," ordered AB. "I'll take Vlfpowqmjumbo."

"Vlfpowqmnanti!" corrected Vlfpowqmnanti.

"Huh?" wondered Mapapagreda, who was working on an almost finished translator. "Oh."

Mapapagreda dropped the translator. When he ran over to Mikayla, he stepped on it and broke it. Vlfpowqmnanti grabbed AB and flew on top of the castle. Vlfpowqmnanti threw AB off, but AB grabbed the wall, and backflipped back on.

"Aaah!" said Vlfpowqmnanti.

He ran towards AB and kicked him, but AB backflipped and landed on the Vladat's chest. AB pulled him down, then pushed him, sliding him onto the edge of the castle. Vlfpowqmnanti got back up and jumped over AB, but AB rolled to the left and sonic screamed at Vlfpowqmnanti's head.

"AAAAAH!" he yelled.

George fighting Utvage was shown. Utvage was throwing several trees at George, but he dodged all of them. Utvage picked up one tree and held it over his head. George shot lasers to the left of Utvage's right hand, and the right of Utvage's left. Utvage threw the tree parts behind him.

"Not falling for that again," said Utvage, who dropped down and knocked George to the side.

Utvage picked up George, but he froze him. George jumped down, charged up a big laser, and shot Utvage with it, sending him flying. AB fighting Vlfpowqmnanti was shown again. Vlfpowqmnanti was stomping AB into the ground. Utvage soared past the castle. AB sonic screamed at Vlfpowqmnanti, making him shriek and step back. AB then jumped at him, knocking him to the ground. AB clawed his face, defeating him.

"The wolf for the win!"

AB jumped down back into the castle, where Mapapagreda was trying to remove the parasite with a laser. Mapapagreda was 4/5 consumed.

"Umm, AB? Having trouble."

AB walked closer to Mikayla, then smelled the parasite. He bit a huge chunk off of it.


AB finished eating the parasite, which had taken Mikayla's Vladat bites with him. Mapapagreda and Mikayla had a look of disgust. AB smiled and shrugged.


City Hall was flooded with Loboans. Anthony was exhausted, as he collapsed to the ground and turned back. The group, besides Mapapagreda, ran into City Hall, and AB (still ABwolf) ran to the microphone.

"All Loboans! Repeat, all Loboans!"

Loboans were shown, paying attention to the intercom.

"You can all go back to your home now. To prove it, please look at the sky."

Loboans looked at the sky and saw a blimp carrying an unconscious Vlfpowqmnanti. The Loboans roared with delight.

"Mapapagreda will give you all rides home. There can be 30 in one ride. Report to my house for the rides," finished AB.

"LOBOAN DNA SEIZED," informed the UST.

AB reverted.


Vlfpowqmnanti, conscious, was being shown chained to all of the Vladats on Luna Lobo. Mapapagreda was showing them.

"Vladats, I have been defeated. We must once again wander the galaxy," said Vlfpowqmnanti.

"I'm sure you'll find a planet someday," said Mapapagreda, as he stretched and took the translator from Vlfpowqmnanti's neck. He unchained him, then Vlfpowqmnanti lead the Vladats into space. Mapapagreda walked over to the rocket and held up his arms.

"Yes! I've got a translator!"

Mapapagreda ran into the ship and started it. He flew very fast into space, but bumped into a Vladat. The ship spun really crazily, and the translator flew out the window.


Mapapagreda stretched and grabbed it.

"Phew. Now what was the turbo boost button again?"

Mapapagreda pressed a button. A propellor came down and shredded the translator.




  • Awesome Betterhero
  • Mapapagreda
  • Laser Firer
  • Stretchy Girl
  • The Girl of Speed
  • Venus Teen

Aliens Used

  • Battlesuit
  • Humongousaur
  • Heatblast
  • Diamondhead
  • Ultimate Diamondhead (first appearance)
  • ABwolf x2


  • Loboans
  • Vladats
  • Utvage
  • Vlfpowqmnanti

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