Metaphoric Reality
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 12 June 2013
Written by Maximus Loo2012
Episode Guide
Or I Will Be Struck By Lightning


Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Proven Untrue


[Max] Hello! I am hosting the MARS news series from n-

[Audience] Get on with it. We want some real entertainment.

[Max] OK, I will be-

[Audience] GET ON WITH IT!

[Max] Yeah, sure.


[Max] And THAT is the title of our first episode!

[Audience] What the heck is "MARS" Can't you just explain a bit?

[Max] STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE! *ahem* Anyway, MARS is Metaphoric and Realistic Show.

[Audience] Lllllaaaaaaammmmmmeeee!

[Max] *beep*

[Audience] Okay, we'll stop.

[Max] On our first special, we will travel to Mount Everest and compare it to a molehill.

[Audience] Cooooooooooooooooool.

[Max] Please wait and return after 3 months. *walks out of TV screen*

3 months later

[Max] HELLO! We're back! My friend Ruffian here is now at Mount Everest while, I, here, am beside a molehill. As the idiom says: Making a Mountain out of A Molehill. Lets try it.

[Audience] How?

[Max] By the great magician, Shazam!

[Shazam] Hallo. Now, to put the mountain on the molehi-I mean, make a mountain out of the molehill.

[Max] We will see if it looks like Mount Everest, which Ruffian has sent pictures of to us.

[Shazam] And....SHAZAM! *smoke pours all over*

The molehill has Mount Everest on it

[Audience] LIAR! You put the dang Everest on the molehill.

[Shazam] Uh.... derp. *runs*

[Max] FUQ U! So, uh...the idiom is proven....UNTRUE!




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