Meme Center  is a new series written, produced, budgeted, directed and casted by The Awesome Jack. Each "Chapter" is about a different meme in subplots which form into an overall story.


Memes are a growing thing in our world, internet and real life. What if we were in the internet and the memes were in the real world? The comedy is about memes inhabitated the world, with no humans around.


  • Unwanted House Guest
  • Pedobear
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Insanity Wolf


Book 1

  1. America's Most Unwanted-The chapter about Unwanted House Guest
  2. Rise From the Ballpit-The chapter about Pedobear
  3. The Life of Tard-Grumpy Cat
  4. Target Aquired-Insanity wolf

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