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  • Nightman, sneaky and mean
    Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you
    You make me wanna cry
    You make me wanna die
    I love you I love you
    I love you I love you
    I love you Nightman
    Every night you come into my room
    and pin me down
    with your strong arms
    you pin me down
    and I try to fight you
    you come inside me
    you fill me up and I become the Nightman
    It's just two men sharing the night
    It might seem wrong
    But it's just right!
    It's just two men sharing each other
    It's just two men like loving brothers
    One on top and one on bottom
    One inside and one is out
    One is screaming he's so happy
    The other's screaming a passionate shout
    It's the Nightman
    The feelings so wrong and right, man
    They're feeling so wrong and right, man
    I can't fight you, man
    When you come inside me
    And pin me down with your strong hands
    And I become The Night
    The passionly passionate Nightman
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  • Can I please be an admin for just a moment? I want to change the identity box group for users to ASSHOLE instead of BANNED/BLOCKED.


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  • So I'll make this quick... jk I'll ramble like an ass and don't you fucking post a tl;dr you little shit


    I watched SAO.

    Both seasons plus Extra Edition. I watched the first few episodes of the first season dubbed and after that I switched to subbed for the rest of the series. The dialogue in the first few episodes was really rushed and the dub didn't help. Regardless I've rewatched some episodes in English and this is DEFINITELY better than snk's dub, like holy fuck yes it is. 

    Anyways back to SAO... this was awesome. Most reviews I've read says it sucks and its wasted potential. Although I can see why people say it, it's still awesome regardless and I sure as hell found it awesome.

    If only VMMORPGs existed IRL... anyways. 

    Kirito and Asuna... holy fuck. I have never in all the fandoms I've been in shipped something so hard. Idk why but I HAD to watch it further. By that I mean a lot of people say the series should end at Episode 14 (with or without Kirito waking up) but since I knew there were 11 more episodes, not to mention another fucking season, I HAD to watch it.

    The Alfheim arc.... ugh, Idk what to think honestly. The incest theme between Kirito and his sister was kind of a pain and her character was a bit... yeah. If they extended the Aincrad Arc to Episode 20 and only made the "Finding Asuna" thing 5 episodes long then I would have liked it better... better than skipping 2 years of time so quickly. The only reason I watched this was to see Kirito and Asuna reunite and meet IRL, which thank fucking god they did. But the rest of the season was meh... Alfheim is a cool game though.

    Season 2... I'll make it quick. Kirito DID NOT need to go to GGO or have another female main character. The Excalibur arc was total filler and Yuuki... well, at least Asuna settled things with her mom. But overall, Kirito and Asuna barely interact this season which, to me, was a big dissapointment.

    So that's my impression atm. I've read some non-spoilery stuff about possible Season 3.. idk how I feel about it. But yeah that's it.

    Also, chapter 16.5 ftw

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  • We see who the Beast Titan is. It's that new guy Isayama showed a picture of.

    Read the chapter first but... I had to make this..

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    • i don't follow SNK anymore, please spoil me to hell nick-sama

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    • For anyone reading: If you care, don't read any further:

      Historia becomes queen, Kenny reveals to Levi he's his uncle and dies, Eren can get hard now, 2 months timeskip, in a month they will be heading to Shiganshina to seal the hole and to look at the basement. Meanwhile at Shiganshina, the Beast Titan is back and he wrecks the living shit out of Reiner (he literally destroyed him through the Armor) and Bertolt just stands there like a pussy. Out of the beast titan walks out this old guy (dubbed Mr. Key by us fandom) who is apparently the "Stongest Titan". He's that new character. I have a lot of stuff on my Tumblr regarding that so... yeah. Btw, what's your name on Tumblr?

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    • "Eren can get hard now"

      his dick?

      "destroyed him through the armor"


      "Bertolt just stands there like a pussy"


      also im triumphantsalad. my blog is full of kamen rider and weeb shit so you should be able to find it

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    • oh lol okay.. also eren i mean he can do the hardening skin ability annie can now and use to seal up the hole.. basically Hange/Armin's plan

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    • A FANDOM user
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Reopen my dang thread, NOA!

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  • Lol dude, I just had the funniest idea. You know how users who are blocked or banned have that thing that says BLOCKED and BANNED next to their names? Well, I think it'd be really funny if you changed it to "ASSHOLE', so when a user here gets blocked or banned it'll say "ASSHOLE" next to their name.

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  • NAO

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    • Jesus Motherfucking Christ what the Fuck is that ._.

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    • exactly e.e

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    • A FANDOM user
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