This series has the crazed, unbelievable happenings of the world into a "news series" with a team of mad reporters.


Note that their first letters spell out to "MARS"

  • Max
    A man who desires to get news on whatever weird event there is.
  • Aurora
    A female who can convince anyone to tell her anything
  • Ruffian
    Someone who will get his hands dirty for some news.
  • Sura
    A woman who is extremely funky.


A determined news team, the Metaphoric And Realistic Show (MARS), get the weirdest fictional news.


Meet Mars

Meet MARS, the most crazed news team you have ever seen

Release: 10 June 2013

Or I Will Get Struck By Lightning

The team discover the true meaning of "Or I Will Get Struck By Lightning"

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