Super Suits
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 7/23/2013
Written by DF
Directed by DF
Episode Guide
Touch Down!


Three kids are in a car.

(Boy Driving): I don't know, Amber.

(Girl in shotgun): Oh come on, Conner.

(Boy in very back): Just do it!

(Amber): See! Jack's not chicken.

(Conner): Jack doesn't have a car!

(Jack): Just wait until I get my learners permit!

(Conner): Fine! We'll go look at meteor shower.

(Amber and Jack): Yes!

Later at the site where they can see the meteor shower.

(Jack): Wow. So cool.

(Conner): You guys are nerds.

(Jack and Amber): Are not!

(Conner): Are too!

(Jack): Are not!

(Amber): Guy's this is stupid.

Then three meteors begin flying towards them.

(Jack): Uh, guys.

(Amber): What?

(Jack): Look.

The three meteors land in front of the car.

(Conner): Whoa! *cough* What *cough cough* Was that.

(Amber): No idea.

(Jack, pulling out suit from a meteor): What is this?

The blue suit latches on to him.

(Jack): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

(Amber): Jack, don't panic.

(Conner): No dude, you should totally panic.




Powers Used

Super Speed (Jack)

Super Strength (Conner)

Wind Manipulation (Amber)

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