Lab Brats
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode Guide
Omer Attacks


In a huge mansion, a man is unpacking. 5 kids are watching him.

(Diamond): Hiro, could you help me un-

Hiro nods and 'speeds around the room putting everything away.

(Diamond): Well. We are officially unpacked. Welcome to your new home.

(Francis): New York. I always wanted to go.

(Jack): Can we play outside!

(Hiro): Yeah!

(Nick): What are you 6 years old?

(Rex): Mentally, yes.

(Diamond): Yes, Jack. You may play outside. But remember, no using powers to fight each other.

(Kids): Yes, Mr. Diamond.

They go out into the backyard. They all hold out there hands showing they had crossed their fingers.

(Jack): Okay! First we have, Hiro vs. Rex!

Rex looks at Hiro knocking him down. Hiro gets up and speed punches Rex. He quickly judo flips him too.

(Jack): And Hiro wins! Next we have Nick vs. Hiro!

Hiro speed kicks Nick but he catches his foot and throws him away.

(Nick): Strength beats speed.

Diamond runs outside.

(Diamond): Guys! Costumes on! There's a bank robbery in progress! Hey, you were fighting...

(Francis): Not now, sir. We gotta go save the day!

They run inside and put costumes on. They jump into a big black van and drive to a bank. They jump out and see 6 beefy thugs with machine guns.

(Thug #1): Hey! Stop right there!

Thug #1 and #2 shoot the van blowing it up. Hiro uses speed to take thier guns away. Nick punches two into cars defeating them.  Francis turns into an Elephant and stomps 1. Rex uses impact vision to blast one into a wall. Jack grabs the last thugs and flies into the air and drops them. They land and high five. They quickly run back home.

(Diamond): Good job, Guys. I'm proud of you. So I made smoothies!

(Everyone): Yeah!

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse a shadowy figure is watching the heroes win.

(Figure): These heroes are very good. Very. Very. Good.

Another figure appears.

(Omi): I'll take him down, my lord.

(Figure): I am no lord. I am the NUKELORD!


  • Professor Diamond
  • Rex
  • Jack
  • Nick
  • Hiro
  • Francis


  • Robbers
  • Omi (endgame only)
  • Nukelord (endgame only)

Powers Gained

  • Rex-Impact Vision
  • Jack-Flight
  • Nick-Super Strength
  • Hiro-Super Speed
  • Francis-Shape-Shifting

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