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NickTrippz is a series created by Xandrea; about two anthropomorphic mammals living in a apartment together, and solving surreal mysteries. The original summary below was after the development:

"Meet Nick, a rather edgy mouse, and his friend Trippz, a slightly-bored yeti. Together they try to survive Japalia, an huge city. But when life throws whatever it wants to then, they'll be ready."

The series also share influences from Regular Show, and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.


Japalia Area

Nick Mau

Trippz Yetila

Mulala Serphine

Pazda Bazil

Miothymena Area

Loonie Tunlor

Duskah Glimmer

T'Dalou S'anrok

2021 Sakimyoto Z "Saki"


Season 1

Football Season in Japalia

Summary: Trippz gets to be in the football mascot career for the Japalia Jerboas, and underneath that head has a paranormal secret.

The Two Have Found Cowgirl

Summary: When Nick and Trippz go to a cafe, they find a cow girl and they both want to go out with her.


Summary: When the boys get hooked on an MMORPG called Technocraft, they would have multiple enemies to fight, but when a viral monster breaks loose, they have to visit Baxter, the creator of the game.

The Mutationist

Summary: Trippz discovers that he is mutating when he ate something. How will Nick find a cure?

Seven Deadly Gremlins

Summary: A gang known as the 7even Gremlins have been dismantling vehicles all over the city.

Rival Cities

Summary: Nick and Trippz' apartment is vandalized by two other roomates.

Frog Dreams

Summary: Nick and Trippz have strange dreams about being princes in a royal frog kindgom.

Machette, Guardian of Night

Summary: Trippz' favorite webcomic is published through print, and he takes a deeper look into the world of Machette, but suddenly is dragged into it.

Fashioneer in Town

Summary: Ria Zakin, a famous fashion designer, has new designs stolen by a jealous designer; Nick and Trippz must find the designs.

Not-So Happy Hour

Summary: Work Up's frozen drink machine has gone missing, will Nick and Trippz find it?

Vampire March

Summary: Japalia is under attack by vampiric lampreys and bats; and Nick and Trippz suit up to be vampire hunters.

Battle of the Roomates

Summary: Nick and Trippz go head-to-head with Loonie and Duskah at a battle of various hobbies.

The New Agent

Summary: Ariel, an FBI agent, is currently in town looking for a suspicious criminal; Nick and Trippz help out as well.

Call of the Mind Eater

Summary: Season Finale. The Mind Eater; an monster from another dimension, "devours" minds of others including Trippz. Nick will have to find his roomate's mind matter before the Mind Eater escapes.

Season 2

Cafe Chaos

Summary: Mulala's next job is to clean up the tables, but suddenly she notices mutant termites tearing up the tables.

Unfair Played Machines

Summary: T'Dalou meets a not-so friendly cycletaur, and ends up being partners in crime.


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