Niles Fans

  • Sol

CC's Fans

That's right, NONE.


  • CC: I'm suprised you didn't say I'm not a woman.
    • Niles: Why would I call you a man, sir?
  • CC: The billboards made an error! "Maxwell Sheffield and CC Boobcock" I had Niles look it over and everything!
    • Niles: Hehehehehe....
  • Maxwell: Just smoke, CC!
    • CC: But I'm wearing the patch! If I take one right now, I'll die!
    • Niles: *lights lighter*
  • Niles: I need my lucky charm to go gamble!
    • CC: It'll cost you.
    • Niles: How much?
    • CC: Her. *old woman goes from CC to Niles* She's staying in your room now.

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