Lab Brats
Season 1, Episode 2
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New York, New Trouble
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Rex and Nick are eating tacos. Francis comes in.

(Francis): What are you eating?

(Rex and Nick): TACOS!

Professor Diamond comes in holding a test tube.

(Diamond): Rex. drink.

Rex drinks it. Then he disappears. Diamond pumps his fists in the air.

(Diamond): Yes! I did it!

(Nick): Did what?

(Diamond): Made Rex invisible. New power.

(Francis): Aw, hell, no! He gets a new power and not us?

(Rex): Where are my hands?

(Nick): I wanted a new power...

(Diamond): Later.

Diamond ran off yelling. Just then Omer bursted through the wall.

(Rex): Who's that?

(Omi): I am Omir, you're destroyer.

Omir shoots lightning from his hands zaping Nick and Francis. They fall over. Omi is all of a sudden blasted away. Rex appears.

(Rex): Invisible + Impact Vision = no badguy.

(Omi): How'd you? Nevermind.

Omi runs away. Francis and Nick get up.

(Francis): I still want a new power.

Francis storms away...on fire.

(Nick): I think she got her wish.

Nick disappears too.

(Rex): Nick?

Nick then walks in.

(Nick): How did I get over there?

(Francis, far away): AHHHH! I'M ON FIRE!

(Rex): New powers rock.



  • Professor Diamond
  • Rex
  • Nick
  • Francis


  • Omi

Powers Gained

  • Omer-Eletrokinesis
  • Rex-Invisibility
  • Francis-Self Combustion
  • Nick-Teleportation

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