Patricia Deller is one of the main characters in Attack on Titan: Gale.


Originally from the Shiganshina District, Southern Wall Maria, Patricia spent the first ten years of her life living peacefully with her father and mother. However, when the first Colossal Titan attack in 845 took place, her father was crushed and killed by a piece of the gate the Colossal TItan kicked in. She was part of the evacuation, along with her mother. She moved to the Karanese District the same year, with her mother being afraid of the Colossal Titan's supposed second attack on the Trost District. There, she met Nick and Sci, who are, until this day, still her best friends.


Patricia is a kind and passionate person. She tends to be realistic and calm in most situations. She has shown great intelligence and strategic skills, being able to quickly come up with plans even in the worst of situations. She cares deeply about humanity but even more about Nick and Sci, her best friends. She strictly follows orders from above and rarely questions higher authorities. However, when things are desperate, she tends to break the strictest of rules, should she believe it's the right thing to do. However, despite not having any distinctive combat skills like her friends, she does not feel weak and believes she is strong enough in her own league. Despite the death of her father, she tries to remain strong in her best.

She is shown to have a hobby in playing Chess.


Patricia, despite being the same age as Sci and Nick, looks relatively younger than them. She is slightly shorter. She has neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. She wears the standard Garrison jacket and a brown sweatshirt underneath. She also wears the 3DMG on her body.


Despite lacking the Titan Shifter powers that her friends Nick and Sci possess and unique battle skill, Patricia has always shown to be a great addition to the team. Her strategic acts often save her teammates, and mostly other people too.

  • Intelligence - Patricia has shown to quickly analyze bad situations and come up with a decent plan out of them, despite not being at the same level as Armin. Usually when things are bad for her teammates, she is mostly the one to bring help or backup. Despite not having the combat skills to save her friends by force, she does not feel left out or weak. 
  • Titan Killing Skills and 3DMG - Patricia hasn't shown anything distinctive in her skills, however, although at last place (10th), she ranked in the Top 10 graduates of the 105th Trainees Squad.
Patricia Deller's Statistics:

Battle Skill

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