is Ship's series.


A group of Pokémon trainers known as Team Sun find Team Underworld's plans to take over the planet by using evil legendaries. The two teams both have Spirit Pokémon, Pokémon whose Trainers share thoughts with and feel pain together with. Team Sun realizes they must form alliances/catch good Legendaries to beat Team Underworld.

Team Sun

  • Nick (leader) (Haxorus)
  • Charbel (Garchomp)
  • Karui (Krokorok)
  • Holly (Pidgeot)
  • Brian (Gallade)
  • Nar (Spiritomb)

Team Underworld

  • Ship (leader) (Zoroark)
  • Solo (Ninetales)
  • Fuse (Lucario)
  • Sam (Metagross)
  • Jake (Venusaur)
  • Cyber (Scizor)


  1. The Discovery (Pilot)
  1. The Connection


  • Arceus does not qualify as either.

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