is a new game by Ship. It will feature new Pokémon, and the new types Ancient, Space, Reversal, and Clock. Also Mewuno, Mewdos, Mewtres, and Armored Pokémon are back once again.

New Pokemon

  • Time Giratina (Dialga + Giratina)
  • Rift Giratina (Palkia + Giratina)
  • Seaquaza (Rayquaza + Kyurem)
  • Quakequaza (Rayquaza + Groudon)
  • Champeon (Fighting-Type Eevee)
  • Mummeon (Ghost-Type Eevee)
  • Quakeon (Ground-Type Eevee)
  • Spacequaza (Rayquaza + Deoxys)
  • Heaveneon (Flying-Type Eevee)
  • Caveon (Rock-Type Eevee)
  • Metalliceon (Steel-Type Eevee)
  • Reliceon (Ancient-Type Eevee)
  • Dualeon (Dual-Type Eevee, you can choose the two types)
  • Armoreon (Armored Eevee)
  • Reversin
  • Sunamid
  • Northern Spirit (Suicune + Celebi)
  • Storm Spirit (Raikou + Celebi)
  • Ash Spirit (Entei + Celebi)
  • Pheonix (Celebi + Ho-Oh)
  • Serpent (Lugia + Celebi)
  • New Moon (Darkrai + Cresselia)
  • Others TBA


Team Ancients and Team Reversal are at war, and have turned the region of Acisal into their battle ground.

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