is a series by Sol. Sign up in the comments with:

  • Your name, (can be fake) age, and gender
  • Your (up to six) Pokemon
  • Your physical description
  • Your history and background
  • And if you want, you can create a page for yourself.


A villain arrises... His name is Thrax, and he is attempting to fuse the Legends... But he needs the Teams to hep him... The good guys have to win or else it's doom.


  • If you want to donate villains from your Pokemon series, put it in the comments.
  • Thrax
  • Team Magma
    • Maxxie
    • Hank
    • Tabitha
    • Courtney
  • Team Aqua
    • Sean
    • Archie
    • Matts
    • Shelly
  • Team Galactic
  • Team Rocket (what is left of it after GSC/HGSS)
    • Mask of Ice/Pryce (leader)
    • Silver
    • Oca
    • Jagura
    • Storc
    • Shum
    • Cart
    • Will
    • Karen
    • Ken
    • Ryu
    • Harry
  • Team Plasma
    • Ghetsis
    • N
  • Villains of Gen VI
  • J

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