Age: 30
Occupation: Unemployed
Hometown: A Box Outside Wikia Manor.
Season: 1
Placing: 12th place
Result: Murdered
Role: Suspect
No. of wins: 0
Alive: 0 time(s)
In Danger: 1 time(s)
COD: Shocked to death by Electric Eels.
TOD: The Morning of Day 2.

RG is one of the contestants staying at Wikia Manor. He was the last one to arrive.


Season One

RG was the last one to arrive at the manor.

At the main hall, after everyone else has arrived, RG singled himself out as the uncivilized one, vomiting in the Grand Room. RG, along with the rest of the contestants, heard the Crash and started looking around for where it came from. When going to look for clues RG went with Nick, Sklei, and Reo to the Morgue. Nick later made RG nervous.  RG later failed to solve the riddle. His stupidity and oddness caused him to not gain enough infomation, and he recieved an In Danger card. (Hanging Around)

The Killer later planned RG's death. RG would recieve a message and go to the Pool's Island, where he would get trapped as the Pool's Island filled with water.  Electric Eels then hurried to the Pool's Island, shocking RG to death. His body would be found by Toon and other guests. (Eelectric Swim

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