Epic Madness
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Maximus Loo2012
Episode Guide

(Jay): Nooooooo!

(Rid): What's wrong?

(Jay): I forgot the math test!

(Rid): What math test?

(Jay): You forgot too?

(Rid): No Math test.

(Jay): No again!

(Rid): We are here!

(Jay): The first day of Middle School. Bother.

(Rid): Wait, why would you think there is a math test if it is the first day of school?

(Jay): (facepalm)

(Albert): Hey ugly boy and stupid nerd!

(Jay): Damn.

(Rid): Die! (kicks him in crotch)

(Albert): Ow!

(Jay): Long time till homeroom. Lets sit down.

(Rid): Good idea.

(Albert and a gang): Hey Jay!

(Jay): Oh...crap! You brought the wrestling team?

(Albert): Hee! (takes out nunchuks)

(Jay): You brought nunchuks. You brought f*beep*king nuchuks to our f*bee*ing school?

(Albert): And I am going to bash you! (swings the nunchuks)

(Jay): Please let Mr Ulik come...

(Mr Ulik): Alberto Joassin!

(Albert): The principal! Eek!

(Mr Ulik): Albert,-(makes screaming sound)

(Jay): Derp.

(Mr Ulik): I am Malware!

(Jay): Who the who?

(Rid): Malware. A psychotic Galvanic Mechmorph. Also incomplete.

(Mr Ulik): I am not incomplete!


  • Jay
  • Rid


  • Albert
  • Mr Ulik

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