The Roiyefico e Kyamas is an ancient Awesomian paintbrush discovered in the Awesome Republic.
Ancient Awesomian Paintbrush




The wielder of the Roiyefico e Kyamas can paint anything into existence that they want to, using any color they need. The wielder of the paintbrush becomes a very good artist, and able to paint things of any size very quickly. The creations can have any properties the wielder chooses, such as a camel with telekinesis, a maze with a hole that opens when you step inside, or a face that has control over the universe. The wielder can add things to other things by painting on them, such as doors and moustaches, or they can paint things like cars or weapons in thin air. The wielder can paint almost anything they want, from time vortexes, to doors that lead to other dimensions, to an army of fluffy yellow silverware with telepathic banana ears as weapons.

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