Nick: Jack, move now.

Jack: What's the point. Rufus is teh all power. We are doomed.

Nick: Oh no we're not.

Nick jumps in the air and while in mid-air, fires the AMDB. The explosive rockets towards Rufus. It hits her chest, dropping to the ground. Rufus looks down at the bullet. She kicks it to the side. There isn't even a scratch on her.

Nick: Well fuck. Open fire.

The entire gang opens fire. Rufus roars, charging. The team dive either ways to avoid the zombie beast.

Ermac: Holy shit.

Bloxx: Grenade.

Bloxx jumps ontop of Rufus and sticks a grenade down her throat. She burps, amused. The grenade turns her fur red. Her zombified form laughs, ripping Bloxx in half, dead. Pug barks, ripping off her tail. She howls in agony, swinging at Pug. Pug easily dodges and kicks her in the face.

Rufus: Jack, you replaced me with a bitch?


Jack charges, punching Rufus across the face. Pug drags Bloxx to a cage inside the house. Rufus attempts to bite Jack but Jack shots her tongue off.

Rufus: BITCH.

She kicks Jack into a building. Ahmad is torn apart by her horns. Toon drags him into the cage.

Zon: Lego, with me. 

Zon and Lego each grab Rufus's legs. Zon takes out a knife, cutting off Rufus' utters.

Rufus: FUCKER.

Zon: Lego, we should move.

Lego: Got it.

They run like hell as Rufus sprints after them. Jack groans, looking up. He was covered in brooken wooden planks. Zombie limp near him. Struggling he grabs his gun and shoots them one by one. Soon he runs out of bullets.

Jack: I'm fucked.

Suddenly Solo kills them all with a pickaxe. Solo helps up Jack. Jack pulls out a piece of shrapnel from his leg. Limping, he goes towards the house but Rufus spots him, letting go of Zon and Lego. Denica charges but she flicks it to the side. Denica charged again but Rufus snapped its neck, killing Denica. Nick drags it by the foot into a cage.

Suddenly explosions are all around them.

Rufus: You're all going to die.

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