There are explosions everywhere, an arena of fire.

Rufus: I shall devour your flesh with pleasure, using my swaggy demon vibrator.

Sklei: Comrades, leave me. I shall be defeated, but I shall die with honor in the battlefield.

Toon: You're sure about this?

Sklei: No.

Jack: Have fun.

The gang ran off. Sklei grabs his blade, holding it ready. Rufus snorts, shooting lasers out of her eyes. Sklei dives to the side then snips at her ankle, slitting it. She howls, kicking Sklei back. Sklei takes in a deep breathe.

Sklei: This is for you, Mother.

Sklei charges, shouting in confidence. He jumps up, dodging Rufus's arm and stabs her shoulder. The blade snaps in half. He pulls it down, ripping off her arm. She bites Sklei in half, killing him. Pug barked, dragging his body inside. He then goes back to killing zombies.

Zon: How do we defeat her?

Lego: Maybe with love and tenderness?

Jack: No, we need to destroy her brain.

Nick: How do you plan on doing that?

Jack, putting on his sunglasses: With style.

He grabs a shotgun. Solo grabs a pickaxe. Nick takes a pistol. Toon takes a machete. Zon and Lego take baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. Estew picks up a crowbar. Ermac takes an axe.

Ermac: Let's kill this fucker.

Soon the sun rose again.

Rufus: Come out come out wherever you pussys hide.

Jack: Right here fucker.

Rufus, charges. The entire team charges her. Jack shoots her in the eyes, blinding her. Solo stabs her chest and Ermac chopped off her head. Estew begins to bash it in with Toon, Nick and Solo. Jack turns, shooting the zombies closing in. Ermac puts on shades.

Ermac: Fuck yeah.

In slow motion, they begin to kill zombies like a boss.

One grabs Toon but Nick shoots it. Estew kicks one away and whacks another with the crowbar. Zon swings, killing a zombie. Soon all are dead. Nick takes a gallon of gasoline, pouring it on Rufus. They cover her in propane.

Jack: Goodbye fucker.

He takes a match, lighting it.

Lego: Boys, lets go home.

They all turn and walk away in slow motion, with sunglasses on. Jack throws the match, turning and walking. Epic music begins to play as there is an explosion behind them. The CSI theme song plays as they walk back into the house.

Zon: Well, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand.

Pug: Bark bark.

Jack: lol Hi Pug.

Pug pees on a zombie Sklei.

Sklei: Rawr.

Toon: Oh fuck.

Estew: He's a zombie?

Solo: He sacrificed himself for us to prepare.

Ermac: We shall honor his death.

Jack rolls his zipper down and begins to piss on zombie Sklei. Everyone looks at him.

Jack: What, Pug did it?

Pug: Bark Bark.

Nick: Lol k.


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