Chapter 9 of Doctor Who: Break it

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Clara charged at the beast as her weapon is drawn  then split the monster’s mouth in half by using the weapon in her hands. The beast collapses to the floor spilling unknown liquid all over letting steam float above.  What a strange  and terrible way to decompose. Clara pinches her nose. She turns her head away from the body that digusts her completely.  I must find Sam.

“Sam!” Clara calls out. “Sam where are you?”


“Sam!” Clara calls out, again.

Clara walks forwards, in the completely blinding hall until...A vortex shape came into the horizon holding a figure right inside in a standing position. It has wonderous colors a human could associate from Science Fiction movies really focused on time travel and the things that are really inside it. The figure is relatively small. However, Clara knew who it is without much thought. It is Sam. The only. mysterious child who went missing in The TARDIS.

“Sam!” Clara ran to the vortex.

Tears are streaming down Sam’s stained cheeks.

“Clara. don’t help me.” Sam abruptly said., her entire body is clearly in dire pain.

“But you are in a vortex!” Clara points out. Her caring eyes could not bare to see a child in pain. She took care of kids, she didn't let them die under her own watch. If anything happened to children Clara watched over it would completely wreck her into pieces. “In the TARDIS’s attic, a attic vortex!”

Sam gulps.

“You can’t die here,” Sam tearfully said. “I’m an alien. you are an human. You are the most important individual in hi-h-history. It’s all our fault.” Sam shook her head. “Let me die instead of you. I-i-i-i-i can stand this pain much longer than a human until death comes for me--”

Clara jumps into the vortex pushing Sam out.


/End chapter.

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