Sara'z Comix is a series of comics made by Sara Ulti. This block consist of 7 different comics.

Jimmy Tooth

Jimmy Tooth is about a dog, his friend Minxie (The Cat)...and that dumba**, Ted (The Rat). ._. (No one likes Ted). They go on some damn good adventures...or just f**k with Ted sometimes. ^.^ It's all good.

Donkey Hunters

Donkey Hunters is about Seth's summer vacation with his Uncle and Aunt, who live in the woods to hunt. ...Hunt a legendary creature known as.....DA DONKEY! Spawned from hell to be a jacka** and pull tricks on mortals. His Aunt and Uncle are up there in age, so Seth has to fulfill their duties (lol DUTIES).

More to come...

Sara Ulti. Out.'

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