Ship is a character in Adventures of Brian.

Powers, Personality, and Appearance

My powers are like the Ghost Marowak from PKMN, I prevent enemies from attacking if they don't have goggles or glasses etc.. I also have ice manipulation.

I am always surrounded by mist, and everything around me is freezing cold. I wear a leather jacket, blue jeans, and I wear a mask like Amon, and the back of my head is like a dark hole. Anybody who looks in it is frozen automatically.

My personality is random, and I like ranged attacks. I am usually more likely to run from battle than to stay and fight. And the rest of my personality is Sokka.

Also I play my Gameboy Color all the time.


My PKMN in rotation are:

Umbreon, Honchkrow, Gyarados, Marowak, Typhlosion, Shedinja, and Beartic. I also have a Pokéball that I never ever use, and it has a Pokémon never seen by humans seen before in it.

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