Simple Crimes is OmniWill's first Series on the TEE network.


This Ex-FBI agent recruits 5 people with certain skills to help him pull off various crimes. All while evading the FBI.


Actor Character
Nathan Fillion Devon Clements (EX-FBI)
Stephen Amell Tyler Reyon (Illusionist)
TBA Alison Kendall (Gymnist)
TBA Tom Welch (Deductionist)
TBA Mealony Ye (Marksman)
TBA Miguel Cyert (Technician)
Clark Gregg Henry Clark (FBI)


Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Pilot OmniWill TBD 101
Ex FBI agent Devon Clements recruits a group of street thieves and pickpockets to help him rob the St. James Federal Bank.
The Less You See OmniWill TBD 102
Devon sends Tyler to the Magician's conference in order to stage one of the greatest hoaxes in the history of Magicians.

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