Sitting Still is the second episode of Kingdom of Loathing: Over 9000.


I was fighting a large sharp knife. I used ravioli shurikens. It made a few scratches. The knife tried to cut me in half. I dodge, jump on the knife, and trap the blade in the ground. The knife tries to hit me with his handle. I used entangling noodles, then I use Altitude, my Killer Bee. He stings the large sharp knife and kills it. It disappears in a burst of energy, then a bunch of blades connected by strings fall down.

"What's this?" I ask myself.

I pick it up, thinking it could be a useful weapon. I walk and encounter a tiny knife. I get the blades out and throw them. They bounce off the tiny knife, which then tries to stab me. I use ravioli shurikens and kill it.

"It's not a weapon? Maybe it's a hatchling," I say, as I walk to my campsite and put the blades in the terrarium.

The strings start disappearing as the blades get closer together. The blades combine and grow a bit, forming a Razor Sharp Body. I name him Razar, and take him with me.

To Be Continued

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