Sklei the Forever King is an animation series by Sklei. It was said that the series would feature longer episodes than the other series with half a minute set to be the average and it was also said that the episodes would feature a more complex plot with George being the main villan. Season 1 is set to have 7 to 13 episode. I'm not sure.

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Series Intro

Before the release of episode 1 Sklei released the intro as a promo to the series.

Intro Link

Season 1 - George Vs. Sklei

Episode 1 - Pilot

Episode link

Episode Unknown - Royal Cake Thief (crossover with Zon, the Cake Thief)

There is a planned crossover with the cake thief where Zon would steal Sklei's cake.

Fan List

Fan lisst only avilable on main page.

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