Solo is one of the allies in Omnitrix Conquest. His partner is Piplup.


Solo has tan skin with a blue tint to it, as all the people from his village have. He is 5'2" tall and is 12 years old. Solo often wears swimming clothes but has a small piece of armor that can spread out into a full body suit in case of battle.


Solo is able to communicate with Pokemon and capture them. Aside from that, Solo has no other real capabilities other than being able to breath underwater.


  • Piplup (Partner)
  • Shellos
  • Mantyke



  1. Peck
  2. Tackle
  3. Bubble
  4. Metal Claw


  1. Surf
  2. Water Gun
  3. Mud Slap
  4. Harden


  1. Bubble
  2. Wing Attack
  3. Tackle
  4. Supersonic


Solo resides in the Fontaine village. He and his family are quite well off and he was gifted with a Piplup egg for Christmas when he was 10. He and Piplup are good friends and they battle together all the time. Piplup helped him to capture Shellos and Mantyke. When Solo was visiting the nearby villages, he met the "group" and became friends and later one of their allies.

Azmuth acknowledges Solo and gives him the 10th Omnitrix.

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