Sprout is the pilot of Potato Warriors, obviously!

Previous Episode: What are you, an idiot? There's obviously no previous episode.

Next Episode: ???


We see three potatos with limbs and faces, hiding behind a giant rock.

(Potato #1): Okay, what do?

(Potato #3): Don't ask us, you're the leader.

(Potato #2): ur not stranth enuff to be a leader

(Potato #1): Screw you and your strength crap.

(Potato #2): No u.

(Potato #3): Now what, Bob?

(Potato #1/Bob): Idk, any ideas, Steve?

(Potato #2/Steve): Nope. You, Joe?

(Potato #3/Joe): Well I'd say we put on our spandex suits and get the hell out of here.

(Bob): Sounds like a plan.

They then pulled out some little potato thingy with a little sword on it. Then they put it to their chests and suddenly they're wearing spandex suits. Such magic. Bob wears red, Steve wears yellow and Joe wears green.


Suddenly the rock behind them blew up, but they managed to avoid it. A tank made of tin foil suddenly appears. A potato in a purple spandex suit was standing on top of it.

The tank shot a giant tin foil ball at them, but Bob sliced the tin foil ball in two with his sword. Joe then shot the purple guy and he fell to the ground.

(Steve): Let's steal this tank.

(Joe): Fuq yeah.

So then they entered the tank and started wrecking stuff.


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