Stepping Up is the third episode of the series Omnitrix Conquest.


Ship and Brav are having trouble battling compared to everyone else. When the team consider removing him, he and Brav run off. When a Poochyena attacks Brav, Ship helps to save Brav and the two battle and capture it. When they finally return they find that the team has been captured by the Ignis Village and must save them.


'Eevee, use Quick Attack!' ET commanded. Eevee ran as fast as it could, leaving a trail of dust behind it, and it slammed into one of the Dragnor soldiers' Fraxure. The Fraxure fell back from the impact. Eevee was dazed by the impact of its own hit and stumbled around. Fraxure stood up and began to use Hyper Beam. ET ran towards Eevee, jumped, and rolled into a ball around him. The Hyper Beam hit ET's outershell and was deflected up into the sky. 'So glad I chose Cannonbolt.' ET began rolling forward at full speed, slamming into the Fraxure and throwing it aside, then continuing on to attack its trainer.

'ET!' Brian called out. ET turned to find Brian as Four Arms, holding another soldier out in the air. ET rolled and jumped, just as Brian threw the soldier. They hit. The soldier flew through the air from the impact while ET landed softly on the ground.

Nar, as Lodestar, shot out magnetic waves, paralyzing two soldiers. 'Cyndaquil, Tackle. Gible, Headbutt' he commanded. Cyndaquil and Gible hit the two soldiers just as Nar released his mangetic grip. The soldiers flew through the air and landed unconscious. Then their Pokemon walked over, a Gabite and Dratini. 'Flame Thrower and Draco Meteor!' Nar commanded. His two Pokemon attacked, but they weren't very effective. Nar used his abilities to create a forcefield around his Pokemon, then shot out an electro-beam at the Pokemon. They retreated.



  • Dragnor Soldiers
  • Wild Poochyena

Aliens Used

  • Cannonbolt (ET)
  • Four Arms (Brian)
  • Lodestar (Nar)
  • Swampfire (Dan)
  • Jaws (Ship)
  • AmpFibian (Charbel)
  • Heatblast (Cyber)
  • Wildvine (Sierra)

Pokemon Debuts

  • Rocky
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