T3H C/-\T is the second episode of INS@NE.  

Season 1, Episode 2
[[Image:T3h Cat|center|284px]]
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We see Zac channel surfing. 

(Zac) Boring. Watched it. Dumb. Too smart. For little kids. UGH NOTHING ON TV TODAY!

The door bell rings. Zac gets up and walks towards the door. He checks the peephole and sees Darby with some bags and a pet carrier. He opens the door curiously. 

(Darby) Hi Zac. Can I stay at your house for a few days?

(Zac) Sure. Wait, why?

(Darby) Uh, something happened at mine...


We see Darby playing with a drill. She lets go of it and it flies away, drilling through the walls of her house.

Darby runs out as the house collapses.


(Zac) Okay then.

(Darby) Hope you don't mind my cat.

(Zac) Cat?

Darby opens the pet carrier and a cloaked tabby comes out.

(Cat) Meow. :3

(Darby) This is Count Kittula. That's what the guys at the pet shop named him, and I can't take off his cape thingy.

(Zac) Ok, whatever. The guest room's upstairs.


Zac comes downstairs from his room with a ball. He bounces it around and puts it on the table. He reaches for the remote, but a red and black blur speeds past him and the remote disappears.

The blur stops. It's Count Kittula! 

Count Kittula (CK for short) clawed open the battery cover of the remote.

(Zac) NO. Drop it! Drop iiiittt.

(CK, evil) MEOW!

CK slices the batteries in half and kicks them towards Zac. They explode in his face.


Zac stumbles into the kitchen and comes out with a spray bottle.

(Zac) Bad kitty! Bad kitty!

CK snarls and hops onto Zac's face)



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