Season 1

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Revelation The Awesome Jack 2014 101
Dead goes into a rage after what Jack did and now, he begins plotting vengeance.
Evil Doers The Awesome Jack 2014 102
The group begins their own gang and antagonizing the town.
So Long, And Thanks For All the Sex The Awesome Jack 2014 103
Solo decides to find a girlfriend and when he does, he finds out the she is a little weird in the head.
The Agonizing Rejection The Awesome Jack 2014 104
Solo and Ancy try to find out why they were put in the Anti's.
McLovin The Awesome Jack 2014 105
Solo undergoes a new indentity, Mclovin and hits it off at the club.
Pie Eater The Awesome Jack 2014 106
Sham travels across state to a funeral after his uncle dies and things go a little weirdly.
Vengeance Isn't Mine The Awesome Jack 2014 107
Dead sets his plans in motion but they don't make it to Jack's house. Dead decides they should give up being hateful towards Jack and start a new life here.
Misconception The Awesome Jack 2014 108
Denica thinks her relationship with Dead is still going on which is akward for Dead.
You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do The Awesome Jack 2014 109
The Anti's do mischevious things around the town.
Gender Bender The Awesome Jack 2014 110
Denica begins to self-harm himself after he realizes everyone pities him. He realizes what must happen and embraces it. Denica must become a girl, for real this time.
Dead Yourself The Awesome Jack 2014 111
Waz has been acting strangely so Dead takes him to the vet. After that, Dead finds out Sham was kidnapped by the sheriff. Luck isn't going his way.
In Conclusion The Awesome Jack 2014 112
It's the season finale and many changes happen. Denica goes out into the dating world as a woman. Sham has a heart attack from being overweight but survives and has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Armo, Dead, Ancy and Solo are finally facing off with Sheriff Ronaldo.

Season 2

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Attack By Night The Awesome Jack 2014 201
Sham decides to stay back from robbing with the group and joins a gym. However, the buff people there aren't exactly friendly.
McLovin Loves Loving The Awesome Jack 2014 202
Solo and Oprah take their relationship to the next level by deciding to have a kid. However, Solo wants the opinion from his best friend, Ancy who thinks Solo isn't ready for the responsibility.
Addict The Awesome Jack 2014 203
Armo becomes addicted pot and when Ronaldo kidnaps him, shit goes down.
The Godfather The Awesome Jack 2014 204
Solo wants Ancy to be the godfather for his kid but Ancy is to stubborn and upset that Solo is having a kid because that means they can't party anymore.
About A Boy The Awesome Jack 2014 205
Solo and Oprah decide to pick names and debate over whether it's a boy or girl.
I Am the Night The Awesome Jack 2014 206
Sham decides to jog at night but after he gets mugged, he decides that weight loss has no point and rejoings the Anti's in their spring of crime.
Past Anger Resurfaces The Awesome Jack 2014 207
On the news, the gang finds out that Nick is taking over the world. Dead goes after him in a crazy rage but Ronaldo has other plans.
Waz Took A Waz The Awesome Jack 2014 208
Denica tries to bond with Waz. However, Waz doesn't like her and tries to run away.
Family Town The Awesome Jack 2014 209
In the penultimate episode in the season, Dead learns the truth and that Ronaldo is his father.
The Final Battle The Awesome Jack 2014 210
Angered, depressed and confused, Dead goes head to head with the man who claims to be his father!

Season 3

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Death in the Family The Awesome Jack 2014 301
Waz gets run over by a car which leads Denica into a depression because she was the closest to him emotionally. 
Well, Another Death in the Family The Awesome Jack 2014 302
Dead finally finshes off his father and Ronaldo comes out of hiding.
A Baby...Something The Awesome Jack 2014 303
Solo retires from the Anti's because Oprah is almost four months pregnant.
Something Something Dark Side The Awesome Jack 2014 304
Armo convices the group to return to Jack's house after he face times Lego.
McLovin Dies The Awesome Jack 2014 305
Since Solo is going to be a father, he decides to fake his death as McLovin so he won't be embarrased in front of his club friends.
The Debate The Awesome Jack 2014 306
Half of the group forgives Jack and co. and want to go home while the other half disagrees.
A Decision Made The Awesome Jack 2014 307
The Group heads home to Jack. However, the road trip isn't as fun as originally thought. Oprah and Solo make there and discover the tragedies that have happened.
Rebirth The Awesome Jack 2014 308
They find Jack's house but are rejected. They must move some houses down, but it's good enough for them.

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