This is the first episode of Total Drama Users.

Episode Dialogue

Chris: Yo! This is Chris McClean, comin' at you live from a deserted island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea! For the next 8 weeks, 20 campers will battle it out for 1 common goal: The $1,000,000 check! And here comes our first camper now.

Toon: *comes in by boat* *steps off*

Chris: Hello, Toon!

Toon: Hey Chris! Good to be here! *walks to the other side of the dock*

Chris: Let's give a warm welcome to our next camper, Helen!

Helen: *comes off the ship cartwheeling* Hi!

Chris: 'Sup, Helen?

Helen: Not much. I'm so glad to finally be off that ship though. The beds were rock solid! *goes and sits down*

Chris: Next up, is Holly!

Holly: *steps off and sees Toon* Toon!

Toon: Holly!

Toon and Holly: *embrace and walk back to the deck*

Chris: Next up--

Leigh: *interrupts him with her singing, with earbuds and an iPod*

Chris: Leigh...

Leigh: *walks past him, still listening to her music and singing along*

Chris: Okay, then... Lets move on to the next contestant we have, say hello to Troy!

Troy: *walks off the ship* S'up?

Helen: *looks up at him and stares*

Troy: *stares back*

Helen: Hi... I'm Helen

Troy: Troy... But you probably already knew that *chuckles*

Helen: *giggles*

Chris: Alright, enough of this...romance stuff. Next up we have a set of triplets: Jack, Jake and Janet!

Jack and Jake: * hop off, playfully shoving each other*

Janet: *walks after them* Would you two cut it out before one of you tri-

Jake: *accidentally pushes Jack off the dock* Sorry...

Jack: *pulls himself up and chases Jake around the dock*

Janet: Would you two stop! *follows them*

Chris: ...What a colorful family... Next, we have Cyndy!

Cyndy: *carrying a suitcase, balancing a phone between her shoulder and ear* Yes, I know I'm supposed to help balance our budget today, but-- *person on phone yells at her* Alright! Alright! I'll get it done later today. *hangs up*

Chris: Busy bee, huh?

Cyndy: You have no idea... *joins the other campers*

Chris: Let's take a look at our next contestant, Nevada!

Nevada: *holding a black umbrella and wearing long sleeved clothes, joins the other contestants without a word to Chris*

Chris: ...Not a girl of many words, I guess. *shrugs* Tess is next!

Tess: *comes off the ship with a cat* Hey everyone! I'm excited to be here! *joins the other contestants*

Chris: Let's look at Karui next, for he's the next contestant!

Karui: *softly strumming his guitar, walks up to Chris* Hey dude, what's up?

Chris: Not much. Nice to see you.

Karui: *walks over to the contestants*

Chris: Next we have Gavin--

Gavin: *walks off the ship, sees the cat and goes into Kitteh Guy* KITTY KITTY KITTY! *grabs Tess's cat and starts petting it, meowing*

Tess: Hey!

Chris: --Who, incidentally, has a thing for cats! Lets meet the next camper, Christopher!

Christopher: *walks on, using his cane* Hi, everyone. It's nice to be here today!

Chris: Hi Chris. Wow, that's weird. We share a name!

Christopher: Cool! *joins the others*

Chris: Next, are the twins, Emma and Evan.

Emma and Evan: *walk off the ship and towards Chris in unison*

Emma: Hello!

Evan: Nice to be here!

Chris: 'Sup you two?

Emma: Not much.

Evan: Just hoping to win!

Chris: Go join the other contestants while I reveal the next contestant, Jason!

Jason: *silently walks on, staring daggers at the other contestants, and gives a silent wave at Chris as he walks by*

Chris: ... O..kay, then... Anyway, next up is Jared.

Jared: *does pretty much the same thing as Jason, only trips Chris as he walks by*

Chris: Ow! Watch it!

Jared: *turns around, glaring at Chris* What, did you say?

Chris: Uhh, nothing!

Jared: Hmph. *turns around and walks back*

The Rest of the Contestants: *back away from Jared slowly, giving him space*

Chris: *fixing his hair* Next, we have... *reads card* Sci!

Sci: *walks off the boat, sizing up the competition slightly* Hi.

Chris: Yo, Sci.

Sci: Whats up, guy?*walks over to the group of contestants*

Chris: Last up is... Eve!

Eve: *stands on the deck of the boat* H-Hi... *trips and falls off the deck* Oof!

  • Some other contestants laugh at her*

Eve: *blushes embarrassed*

Chris: *helps her up* Hey Eve! Some fall you took there...

Eve: Oh, I... *embarrassed* Sorry...

Chris: No sweat! Come join the rest of us.

Chris: Okay! Now that I've got you all here, it's time to announce the first challenge!

Evan and Emma: Which is..?

Chris: Hurdle jumping! Follow me to the platform.

  • Contestants follow Chris*

Chris: Now, these hurdles will be moving, and will get BIGGER each round. The trick is to avoid getting hit by one. You get hit and fall, and you're out. Go!

  • The first hurdle trips Eve*

Eve: Oof! *walks off the platform*

Chris: *directs Eve to a green mat*

  • The second hurdle trips Janet, Evan and Emma*

Chris: *directs Janet to the green mat and Evan and Emma to the orange mat*

  • The third hurdle trips Jake, Jack, Cyndy and Nevada*

Chris: *directs Jake and Jack to the green mat and Cyndy and Nevada to the orange mat*

  • The fourth hurdle trips Karui and Christopher, and the fifth trips Gavin and Tess*

Chris: *directs Gavin and Tess to the green mat, and Karui and Christopher to the orange mat*

  • The sixth hurdle trips Sci, Holly, Toon, and Troy*

Chris: *directs Holly and Toon to the green mat and Sci and Troy to the orange mat*

  • The seventh hurdle trips Helen and Jason*

Chris: *directs Helen to the green mat and Jason to the orange mat* It's down to Leigh and Jared!

  • The eighth hurdle trips nobody, and the ninth hurdle trips Leigh*

Chris: Leigh is on the green mat, and Jared is on the orange! Now, since Jared won, and he's on the orange teem, Orange Team wins immunity!

Orange Team: *cheers*

Chris: But, the Green Team has to send someone out tonight. I'll see you all at the marshmallow ceremony!


Leigh: I can't believe I lost the challenge for my team... I'll bet anything I'm going home...


Eve: I sure hope I don't go... I fell first though, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...


Holly: Id better not go home. I mean, I made to the sixth hurdle!


Christopher: *tapping his cane around* ...Where's the toilet in this thing?


Helen: *peeing, reading a magazine*'...*gasps and throws magazine at camera*


Chris: Green Team... You've all fast your votes and made your decision. The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately walk the Dock of Shame, ride the Boat of Losers, and leave. And you can't come back.

Chris: The first marshmallow goes to... Tess.

Chris: Also safe: Holly, Toon, Jack, Janet, Helen, Gavin, and Leigh.

Chris: There is only 1 marshmallow on this plate... Eve and Jake... The final marshmallow goes... To...




Chris: Eve.

Eve: *gasps and grabs marshmallow*

Jake: Seriously? I'M GOING FIRST? Ugh, whatever. You just lost a good contestant. *walks down the dock*

Green Team: *waves bye to Jake*

Janet: No... Not Jake... Please, not Jake...

Jack: Jake? NO! Please don't go!

Jake: Im sorry... One of you two has to win. For all of us. *hugs Jack and Janet*

Jake: *gets on the Boat of Losers and rides off into the night*


Eve: *walks by Janet, thankful for staying*

Janet: I can't believe it...

Eve: Can't believe wh--

Janet: That you stayed over my brother!

Eve: Im... Sorry... I didn't mea--

Janet: Whatever! I'll just make sure you go next... *walks off*

Eve: *looks on fearfully*...

Eliminated This Episode

Jake- 17 years old, Green Team.

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