This is the third episode of Total Drama Users.


  • Breakfast in the Mess Hall*

Leigh: *goes up to get her food*

Chef Hatchet: *dumps gray sludge on her plate*

Leigh: *sits down next to Eve* Have any idea what this is..? *digs her fork into it and lifts it up, bringing the whole helping with it*

Eve: No clue.

Leigh: *takes a nibble* *face turns green and vomits on Helen's shoes*

Helen: My shoes! *growls angrily*

Leigh: Sorry about that...

Janet: That is totally gross-

Jake: *petting a moving mold spore on his food*

Janet: Jake, stop! That could be poisonou-- *ring of loudspeaker*

Chris: Attention campers! Meet me at the craft services area!

Holly: Craft services? Why does he want us to go there? Isn't that for the staff?

Toon: *shrugs*

Jared: *eating the gray slop hungrily*

Jared: *confessional* Sure, the crap Chef makes is gross. But once you live on the streets for your whole life, you'll eat anything.

Cyndy: What is this, paste? *throws it in the trash*

All Campers: *leave the Mess Hall one after the other and head out*

Leigh: Wait, where's craft services anyway?

Chris: *Back on loudspeaker* Oh, I forgot. Your challenge is to FIND the craft services area! *laughs* First team to have all the campers from your team get here first wins! *fakes static sound* McClean out!

Evan: He can't...

Emma: serious!

Holly: Let's all stay together, so that we can all find the craft services area together.

Everyone on Green Team: ...Nah.

Holly: *groans* Fine. Let's go, Toon. *pulls Toon off*

Troy: Let's go together, Helen!

Helen: Yeah!

  • Troy and Helen walk off together*

Jared: Orange Team, over here! *gathers his team* Ok, so we should all go together, so we can all get there at the same time. Agreed?

Everyone on Orange Team: Agreed.

Jared: Alright, let's move out.

Cyndy: Wait, where's Troy?

Everyone on Orange Team: *looks around*

Jared: Grr! I knew that little punk would do this again... We'll have to go on without him.

Christopher: But that wouldn't be fair. *tries to walk past Jared to face his team, but ends up poking Jared in the crotch with his cane*

Jared: Not the kiwis... *falls over*

Jason: Ouch!

Karui: That had to hurt.

Christopher: Sorry about that.

Jared: *weakly* You're going down.... *gets up* Let's move out...

Orange Team: *walks off together*


Troy and Helen: *walking together*

  • A beaver walks in their path*

Helen: *jumps, scared*

Troy: Be cool, it's just a beaver. Beavers can't hurt you.

Beaver: *slaps Troy to the ground with its tail*

Troy: Ugh...

Beaver: *climbs on Troy's cheat and begins slapping him in the face*

Troy: Aah! Not the face!

Helen: Troy! I'll go get help! *runs off and trips on a rock, only to fall in front of the craft services area's entrance*

Helen: This must be it... Look, Troy, I found- *turns around to find Troy is gone*

Helen: Troy?

Troy: *being dragged off by the beaver*

Helen: *shrug* *walks to the Craft Services area*

Chris: *sipping coffee* Helen! Good news! You're the first camper to make it! Go sit on your team's mat.

Helen: *sits on Green Team's mat*


All of Green Team (except for Janet and Jake): *shows up*

Chris: Alright! We're just missing Janet, Jake, and all of Orange Team!

Orange Team (except for Troy): *shows up*

Chris: Isn't that convenient? Each team is only missing a couple people now.


Janet and Jake: *show up*

Beaver: *drags Troy up to the craft services area*

Jared: Where have you been, scum?

Troy: *gets up, face bruised* Beavers... Attacked... The face... Is it over?

Chris: Yep. Green Team wins. Orange Team, one of your sorry butts is going home!

Orange Team: *groans*


Cyndy: *confessional* I have to vote for Troy. He's the one who cost us the challenge.

Jared: *confessional* I vote for Christopher. When I say someone's going down, they. Go. Down.

Jason: *confessional* I vote for Christopher. I mean, you gotta feel Jared's pain. Dude got a crack to the nuts! *giggles*

Troy: *confessional* ... Jared...


Chris: Twice in a row you guys? Wow. What happened?

Jared: Well, if a certain SOMEONE hadn't been making out with beavers--

Christopher: *hits him over the head with his cane accidentally* Sorry!

Jared: *a bump rises on Jared's head* You-- *bleeped out*

Chris: Settle down campers, settle down!

Chris: Let's see now... One for Emma, one for Evan, one for Karui!

Chris: Also safe: Jason, Cyndy, Sci and...Troy!

Troy: *lets the marshmallow hit him in the face* Ow...

Chris: Looks like there's only one left. Jared and Christopher... The final marshmallow goes...







Jared: *grabs marshmallow before Chris can throw it* You are all lucky, okay! Very lucky!

Chris: Looks like Christopher is out.

Christopher: *walks off sadly*

Jared: Maybe next time you won't go swinging your cane around like a-

Troy: *picks his marshmallow up and stuffs it in Jared's mouth*

Christopher: *walks the Dock of Shame and leaves the island by way of the Boat of Losers*.

Jared: *confessional* Ok, so maybe getting almost the entire team to vote for Christopher was pretty harsh... *chuckles* Not! Loom what the little *bleep* did to me!


Eliminated This Episode

Christopher- Orange Team

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