This is the 1st episode of DHS.

Darkhawk (Series)
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date idk
Written by DF
Directed by DF
Episode Guide
Grudge Match


We begin with Darkhawk on top of a rooftop.

(Darkhawk): This is how my story begins...

We flashback to when Darkhawk was just 15.

(Jet): Hey, Dad-

(Jet's Father): Not now. I have a lot of work.

(Jet): How can working at Hotdog Lord be so time consuming?

(Jet's Father): It just is!

Jet's father walks to his car gets in and starts her up. Jet sneaks into the trunk.

(Jet): Let's see why you have so much work.

Flashback end.

(Darkhawk): Boy was I stupid.

(Mean Voice): Darkhawk!

(Darkhawk): Oh, oh.

A huge man wearing green pants and no shirt punches through the wall.

(Huge Man): No one gets away with messin' up my gang! You are gonna pay you son of a Bi-

Darkhawk punches him in the face then kicks him in stomach and finally throws him into a wall KOed.

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