The Adventures of AB is a series by AB. It is a comedy show. It is also his first TEE show that is just comedy, so LAUGH OR DIE.


AB has adventures with his best friend, Lawrence, and his other friends. He's a 6th grader at Stinky Sock Middle School. PLEASE NOTE THAT MOST THINGS YOU SEE ON THIS PAGE AREN'T TRUE.


  • AB
  • Timothy (AB's Brother)
  • Unity (AB's Sister)
  • Victor (AB's Brother)
  • AB's Mom
  • AB's Dad
  • Lawrence
  • Samantha
  • Samuel
  • Sally
  • Sarah
  • Stan
  • Sandy
  • Sharon
  • Sebastian
  • Steven
  • Solomon
  • Scott
  • Simon
  • Mr. Burnbaum (science teacher)
  • Mrs. Ademup (math teacher)
  • Mr. Begmuzzlez (gym teacher)
  • Ms. Crialdadime (social studies teacher)
  • Mrs. Mata (Spanish teacher)
  • Mrs. Ledderen (English teacher)
  • Mr. Enstraminned (band teacher)


Season 1


AB, Lawrence, Sally, Stan, and Sebastian try to avoid school, but Timothy, Unity, and Victor try to catch them.

Boring Locker

AB sees a bunch of cool lockers and wants to decorate his. Scott and Simon get involved and try to get their lockers cooler than his.

Grand Theft AB's Stuff

Someone keeps stealing AB's things, so him, Sharon, and Sandy look for the thief.

The Phoenix Truck

A truck falls into a vat of radiation. It turns alive and fiery, and chases AB.

Artholomew Ballen

AB and Lawrence try to be 2 of the top 10 fastest people in school so they can get free lunch every day.


Spiders invade all of the houses.

Clarinet Man

AB pays Solomon to turn his clarinet into an awesome weapon.


Mr. Begmuzzlez makes the students play dodgeball for all of the school day, but it turns deadly.

Rap Battle

AB gets challenged to a rap battle, but he can't rap.

Thumb Warriors

AB learns about people who have an advanced system for thumb wrestling.


AB, Lawrence, Solomon, Steven, and Samantha get sucked into a land of math.

Travelling through Television

The TV gets tired of AB watching him, so it sucks him in.

Gourmet Pizza

AB and Lawrence try to get gourmet pizza for gourmet pizza day, but T-Rex, Destruction, and Mandroid stop them, so AB sucks T-Rex into a meanie lamp.


We Wish You an AB Christmas

Santa Claus comes to AB's city to randomly give 15 present portals to his workshop. But Fanta Maus and Yanta Quaus, the people of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, plan to turn the portals into giant black holes to their workshops. AB and his friends must stop them before it's too late.

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