We see Brian surfing on Fera.

"There's the cave," Brian said, "Stop there, okay?" Fera nodded and increased its swimming speed. They stopped in front of the cave mouth (if you don't know, it's the entrance). Brian recalled Fera back and entered the cave.

"There it is..."

Standing a few meters in front of him, was....

"The legendary Mewtwo."

Mewtwo turned around after hearing its name. Mewtwo got in a fighting stance as Brian pulled out five Pokeballs.

"Go!" Brian said as he threw the five Pokeballs to the air. Zard, Vyle, Fera, Lax, and Buzz appeared in front of him.

"Alright, Buzz, paralyze it with Thunder Wave!" Buzz shot waves of thunder at Mewtwo, paralyzing it. "Zard, burn it with Flamethrower!" Zard used Flamethrower on Mewtwo, burning it. But it wasn't enough to weaken Mewtwo, as it lifted up Zard using Psychic and threw him at Buzz.

"Zard, Buzz! You okay?" The two Pokemon gives their trainer a nod and quickly got up.

"Alright...change of plan...EVeryone, attack!" Brian shouted. All his Pokemon nodded and prepared to attack the legendary Pokemon. Brian pulled out a Master Ball from his bag. Right after he did so, Mewtwo had used Psychic on all of Brian's Pokemon and launches them to random directions. Mewtwo was panting from the attacks Brian's pokemon had used on it.

"Now, eat the berries!" Brian commanded. His Pokemon(s) ate the berry they was holding, and their wounds quickly healed.

"Now for the catch.." Brian threw the Master Ball to the air, and headbutted it. The Master Ball lunges itself towards Mewtwo.


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