The Awaiting Road of Hope


Air Date

23rd June, 2014









The Awaiting Road of Hope is the first episode of Attack on Titan: Gale.


7:30 PM Year 845

[The scene shows the sky, then a shot of Wall Maria. Suddenly a yellow lightning bolt appears just behind the wall. The shot then shows numerous shocked people inside the Wall. The next shot shows the same, but from a different angle, as a massive shadow is cast upon the Shiganshina District]

[Numerous images flash on the screen]

[The screen goes black for about 5 seconds, then the shot shows 10-year old Patricia playing with other children somewhere away from her house]

[One of the boys laugh and run away]

[Random Girl] Get back here you jerk! Ugh

[Patricia also laughs but suddenly she stops]

[The wind blows stronger. All the birds on top of the wall suddenly fly off]

[Patricia] What the...

[Random Girl] Hey, what's the matter?

[Patricia] You're going to think I'm crazy, but something is seriously wrong here.

[Random Girl] Huh? What do you mean?

[Patricia] ...Whatever. I'll just go home now.

[Patricia walks away as the girl behind her waves]

[Patricia walks towards her house, but slowly starts running, getting the same dark and eerie feeling]

[Patricia] Oh no... this doesn't feel right. It just doesn't!

[The screen once again goes back for a few seconds, and the moment it resumes the yellow bolt of lightning is once again shown, striking somewhere behind the wall. The next scene switches to Patricia's horrified expression, before the screen goes black again and flashing images appear]

[The next scene shows Patricia running, and everyone, adults and children, running in the opposite direction. She makes a sharp turn and sees her father running towards her]

Music-icon Soundtrack - XL-TT

[Patricia's Dad] Patricia!

[Patricia] Dad!

[Suddenly, as they are running towards each other, a massive piece of the gate falls right on top of the man. The shockwave sends Patricia flying back as she screams]

[She struggles to get up. After the smoke lifts away, she looks at the base of the gate piece. There is blood everywhere. She gets slightly closer, the shot switches to her face, as a horrified expression spreads across it. She lends out a blood curdling scream as the screen, once again, goes black]

[The next scene shows a terrified woman, Patricia's mother, sitting in the corner inside her house]

[Suddenly Patricia opens the door and runs in crying]

Music-icon Soundtrack - Vogel im Käfig

[Patricia's Mom] Patricia! Where is your father?

[Patricia looks at her mother, still in tears]

[Patricia's Mom] Patricia...?

[The screen goes black, this time for a longer period of time]

[Flashing images of the event appear on the screen, before stopping. Suddenly, an echoing voice is heard]

[Eren] I'm gonna put a stop to this!

9:23 PM year 845

[The scene shows Patricia, waking up from what appeared to be a dream. She looks outside a window and sees a boy, Eren, in tears, screaming from behind a safety rail]

[Patricia's Mom] Patricia! Patricia, are you okay!

[Her mother is sitting next to her with a bucket of water]

[Patricia's Mom] Here, drink up.

[Patricia] ...M-mom? What happened?

[Patricia's Mom] Don't worry, it's going to be alright.

[Patricia] Where... are we?

[The scene shows a boat, leaving from a dock with a lot of civilians screaming at it]

[Random Guy] Let me on! I must get on! Don't leave me here!

[Random Woman] Please let us on! Don't go!

[Patricia looks around, confused. Suddenly, she stares blankly ahead and it all comes back to her. She looks down and closes her eyes, holding back tears]

[Patricia] Mom... dad is-

[Patricia's Mom] I know... I'm so sorry, but I promise everything will be just the way it was. Just.. try to get some rest.

[Patricia looks at Eren, right outside the window, then at two adult males]

[Man] Did you see how big that thing was? According to Pat, it wore some sort of armor.

[Man 2] Oh I saw it alright. It broke through the wall like it was nothing. Damn those bastards!

[Cut to Patricia's point of view, she starts blinking and falls asleep]

[The scene goes black]

10:02 AM YEAR 845

[The scene shows a city, a seemingly different city with a river running through it]

[It then shows the shot of a house, then the shot of legs. A boy is seemingly sitting on a table and is drinking something]

[Nick] Man this is hot... well, I just need to-

[Loud and repeated knocking is heard on the door]

[Nick] Ugh.. what now?

[He puts his cup down and stands up, the knocking continues]

[Nick] For crying out loud, I'm coming!

[Just as he is about to reach the door hinge, the door is kicked open]

[Nick] WHAT THE-

[Sci, Nick's friend, walks in, panting]

[Nick] SCI?! WHAT THE HELL DUDE?! My doo-

[Sci] SHUT UP! There... something... Wall Maria...

[Nick] Calm the heck down? What's going on?

[Sci] You're... not gonna believe this...

[Nick] Well.. is it good or bad news?

[Sci] Bad... really bad, extremely horribly super bad... like the baddest-


[Sci] Wall Maria has been broken down!

[The scene switches to a shot of Nick's face]

[Nick] ...What? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? If so, it's not funny. Totally not funny.

[Sci] You idiot! Do I look like I'm joking? I ran 2 km just to tell you this!

[Nick] ...How did it get broken down? Wait, first... let's get inside. People are staring at us...

[Sci and Nick both get inside the house. Nick shuts the door before they both sit down at the table]

[Nick] Okay... tell me everything you know.

[Sci] I don't know the details but... [Takes deep breath] From what the reports say, a massive skinless Titan appeared just outside the Shiganshina District.

[Nick] Shiganshina? Isn't that like... Southern Wall Maria?

[Sci] Exactly.

[Nick] So how big was this Titan? And... skinless?

[Sci] I'm not sure, but it was big enough and powerful enough to kick a hole open in the wall.

[Nick] Damn... I don't want to think what would have happened if we were there.

[Sci] Well, we weren't there, but there were many casualties...

[Nick, looking down] ...Ugh...

[Sci] Yeah... I mean, why? [He stands up] Why of all times now? [He walks around the room] We've lived for about 100 years in peace behind the walls. Why all of the sudden now?!

[Nick] Hey, don't ask me. I wasn't informed.

[Sci] Ugh... [He sits back down]

[Nick] Wait a minute... this gigantic skinless Titan only kicked the outer wall, right?

[Sci] Well... yes but-

[Nick] That means only Shiganshina fell, right?

[Sci] Sadly... [He looks down and closes his eyes]

[Nick] What do you mean no?

[Sci] The entire Wall Maria has fallen. That territory is now Titan Territory...

[Nick] WHAT?! How? Did the skinless titan kick open the inner gate as well?

[Sci] No, it was another titan. They call it the Armored Titan.

[Nick] Armored Titan? I though they were naked.

[Sci] Well, again, I'm not briefed about the details. But the reports say that it was similar to the skinless Titan, officially named the Colossal Titan because of its size. It also had no skin and it was a lot smaller than the Colossal, but its body was covered with metal plates which completely blocked fixed fire?

[Nick] Blocked... fixed fire? But how? I though the cannons were the strongest long-range weapons humanity has.

[Sci] Well, that's not the case.

[Nick] All of this is so confusing...

[Sci] I agree... really... what... is going on?

[Nick] Well... now what do we do?

[Sci] We? We're 10 years old for crying out loud! We gotta leave this to the military!

[Nick leans on his elbow]

[Nick] Yeah, like the military can stop the Titans...

[Sci] Don't underestimate them. The Survey Corps are true heroes.

[Nick] Yeah... so... is there anything else?

[Sci] Nope, that's all... dammit!

[They both sigh]

[Sci] Wait! There's something else!

[Nick] Really, well tell me then!

[Sci] Tomorrow at dusk, people will be migrating from Wall Maria into Wall Rose, obviously. We can expect this city to finally expand!

[Nick] Not beyond the wall it won't, but at least we'll make new friends!

[Sci] Nick, some of these people have experienced the Titans first hand, they might not exactly be the... happy and friendly type.

[Nick] ...Oh, right...

[Sci] Anyways, I gotta go now. Catch ya later!

[Sci opens the door and leaves]

[Nick] Ugh... son of a... why... why... just... why now... it's almost like this was planned from the-

[Sci opens the door] Oh and... sorry about the door. [He leaves]

[Nick] ...Where...

7:32 PM YEAR 845

[On the next day, at sunset, a ship is arriving. On the next scene, a large group of people is walking towards the gate of the Karanese District. Patricia and her mother are among them]

[Patricia] Mom, why did we have to go all the way here? Isn't Trost closer?

[Patricia's Mom] It's where the next predicted attack is.

[Patricia] Oh...

[Nick and Sci are sitting on a bench as the outer gate opens. Civilians start walking in]

[Sci] Hey, there they are!

[Nick] Look at their faces...

[Scene shows the people walking, some with scared expressions on their faces]

[Sci] I can't imagine what they've been through...

[Nick] Yeah... UGH! [He grabs his head as flashing images appear on the screen]

[Sci] Are you okay?

[Nick] Yeah... it's nothing.

[Patricia and her mother pass by the bench Nick and Sci are sitting on. Patricia looks at them for a short while]

[The camera slowly moves up and stops at a shot of the sunset]

6:46 PM YEAR 845

[On the following week, Nick and Sci are inside Nick's house, playing Chess at the table]

[Sci] Well then, what are you gonna do next?

[Nick] Hmm... [He moves a piece]

[Sci] Nice one! Now I can do THIS!

[Sci moves a piece too and snaps his fingers]

[Sci] Checkmate!

[Nick] SON OF A-

[Suddenly knocking is heard on the door]

[Sci] Who could THAT be?

[Nick stands up and walks towards the door, still looking at Sci]

[Nick] Good questions, usually you're the only one who arrives so early.

[Nick opens the door. Patricia is standing there]

[Nick] Uhm... who are you?

[Patricia] My name is Patricia, may I come in?

[Nick] Uhm, sure.

[She walks in. Nick closes the door]

[Sci] Wait... do I know you from somewhere?

[Patricia] Maybe. Last week me and my mother were among the people who arrived here.

[Sci] Oh, that makes sense.

[Nick] So why are you here?

[Patricia] Well, I have a report to bring.

[Nick] Oh, well why didn't you say so? Come, have a sit.

[They all sit around the table, on top of which is a chess set]

[Sci] So I take it you're from Wall Maria?

[Patricia] That's right.

[Nick] Wait a minute, how exactly do you know where I live?

[Patricia] As I said earlier I have a report to bring, and I saw your friend walking in earlier.

[Sci] Okay, so what's this report?

[Patricia] You're Sci right?

[Nick] No, actually I'm Nick. He's Sci.

[Sci] Well, before I take a look at it, how come you're already bringing reports? I mean, haven't you only been here for a week?

[Patricia] My mother's cousin lives here and he's a member of the Garrison. I help him out from time to time.

[Sci] Ah, okay. Well, I am a report assistant in the Garrison after all... [He takes a look at the report]

[Sci] This is...

[Nick] What is it?

[Sci] This isn't a report. It's a military invitation for two years later!

[Nick] A WHAT?!

[Sci] A military invitation. It's where you are informed that when you turn 12, you can choose either the military or fieldwork.

[Nick] Oh...

[Patricia] That invitation specifically invites you to join the military, but you have time to think about it. Anyway, I have to go now.

[Sci puts the invitation on a bookshelf]

[Nick] Wait! Since you're here, why don't you stay?

[Patrcia] Well.. I suppose I could.

[Sci] I don't think we properly introduced ourselves earlier. My name is Sci and this here is my friend Nick.

[Nick] What's up? You're Patricia right?

[Patricia] That's right.

[Sci] So you're from Wall Maria? Where exactly?

[Patricia] From... [She looks away]... Shiganshina...

[Nick and Sci both stare at her]

[Nick] But then...

[Sci] You... you saw the Colossal Titan didn't you?

[Patricia] No... I mean yes but, in all the panic I don't remember much.

[Nick] You're lucky to still be alive! That means you got out just in time!

[Patricia] Yes but... [Flashback of her father getting crushed by the piece of the gate]... I... lost my father...

[Nick] ...

[Sci] I'm sorry...

[Patricia] My mother and I were evacuated during the chaos.

[Nick] And... the Armored Titan?

[Patricia] I heard some soldiers talking about it but I was asleep when it appeared.

[Nick] Oh... I see.

[Patricia] What about you guys? Don't you have parents?

[Nick] Well, I don't. I've lived by myself for as long as I can remember, with people helping me here and there. I don't really have that many memories about my past..

[Patricia] And what about you?

[Sci] Oh, me? Well.. it's... I...

[Nick] Believe me, you don't wanna ask him.. not even I know.

[Sci] Oh shut up.

[All three of them laugh]

[Nick] Well... me and Sci don't really have anything to do that much so... I hope us three can remain friends.

[Sci] Don't worry about it. That accident will never happen again. You're safe here.

[Patricia] Thank you.. thank you both.

[Nick] Well, the sun is almost down. I think I got just the idea!

[Sci] Nick, you're not thinking...-

[Nick] Come on let's go!

[He runs out of his house and heads for a field]

[Sci] Hey, wait up! Come on Patricia let's go!

[Patricia] What? Oh... right!

[Sci and Patricia follow him]

[The scene shows a bird's eye view of the city as the three of them run over to a big grassland with an exceptional view towards the sun, with the wall in front of it]

[They sit down and lie on a tree]

[Patricia] Wow...

[The scene shows the sun]

[Patricia] This is amazing...

[Sci] We usually come here every evening, since we have nothing else to do.

[Patricia] Hey... how long do you think those walls will last?

[Sci] I'm not sure, they lasted for a hundred years before finally getting a breach in one...

[Nick] One day, we'll go outside these walls...

[Patricia] Huh? What's he talking about?

[Sci] Nick always had this dream to go beyond the walls.

[Patricia] You mean like... Wall Rose?

[Nick] ...No, Wall Maria. [He stands up and looks at the sunset]

[Patricia] Are you insane?

[Sci] Well... maybe he is a little.

[Nick] I said, one day I will go beyond the walls and see what the world is like. We can't live here forever. And as for the Titans...

[Patricia suddenly has a flashback of when she was on the boat]

[Eren in the flashback, and Nick, at the same time] I'm gonna put a stop to this!

[Patricia remains quiet]

[Nick sits back and looks at the setting sun]

[Sci] You know, I wanna see what it's like too.

[Patricia] Someday... maybe we can...

[Nick] All go...

[The three of then stand up and look at the sunset, as the camera zooms away from them]

To The World Beyond The Cage!

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