is the second pilot for Pokemon Connection. Leave your reviews and other sheet at the discussion.


It was a warm Autumn day. The crisp wind blew against Nick's face. He and his friends were setting off on a journey. But so far, they had only made it to Mt. Moon. His friend and teammate, Brian, interrupted the silence.

(Brian): Are we going into the cave, Nick? Huh? Are we?

Nick glanced around at the team, who had been sitting around while Nick daydreamed of him and Haxorus fighting Red, the strongest trainer in the world.

(Nick): Sorry 'bout that. Call out your Pokemon. We need protection.

Nick turned around when he heard a small laugh.

(Nar): You said... PROTECTION! Heh heh.

Nar stopped when Holly gave him a fierce look.

Nick pulled up a Pokeball from his belt. He gave it a throw, and like magic, Haxorus appeared. 

(Charbel): Can me and Garchomp lead the way?

(Nick): Sure.

Nick pulled out a flashlight, but the battery went dead. He shooked the batteries out, and pulled two out of his backpack. They rolled down into the cave.

(Holly): I'll get them.


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