This is a series by Sierra.


All of us have a darkness inside us, a secret, a shame, or something else. We all try to cope with them. But in this messed up reality we call Earth, an evil rises from the deepest of hell and try to corrupt us and abuse those secrets and shames. They take the form of humans and act as friends or just try to kill us all-out. One way or another, they want our planet. And we're not gonna hand it over.


The "Heroes"

  • Amaya- The emo girl. She is donned in blue armor and a bow. She is the quiet type and enjoys reading. She's shy.
  • Hitomi- The beauty pageant girl. She is donned in yellow armor and wields a longsword (on other times she an be found with a katana). She is not as smart as the other girls, and hides this horribly. She strives to be a part of the team, as she is not the best.
  • Yukiko- The genius girl. She is donned in white armor and wields dual pistols. She is the smart one, and isn't afraid of declaring her dominance over the others. She will notice your mistake and point it out on the spot.
  • Daisuke- The athlete (boy). He is donned in red armor and wields a rocket launcher. He is not as smart as any of the others, but can PWN more.
  • Katsu- Katsu is the (boy) leader, and holds the group together. He is donned in green and wields an array of knives and other melee and explosive weapons. He strives to keep the team happy and together.
  • Susumu- Susumu is the boy genius. He is donned in black and wields a broadsword. He is not an expert swordsman, but does not let anyone else know. He is shy and will let himself be abused.

The Demons



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