October 31, 2013 11:45 PM Japan Standard Timezone

Kyatson, Japan

A group of boys, Daisuke, Katsu, and Susumu, are in a graveyard. Daisuke has dared Katsu and Susumu to come. Katsu is brave enough to lead ahead, while Susumu brings up the back, shivering and cowarding.

They make a left past an altar. Katsu suddenly stops and kneels down, touching a headstone.

Ayumu Goran, it is marked.

He stands up and continues walking. Daisuke and Susumu follow.

They stop at an altar. Daisuke kicks it. It reads, Masaru. No last name. Susumu cowards behind. They continue walking.

Susumu screams.  Katsu looks behind.

It has red scales outlining its muscles. It has dragon-like wings and two wristblades on each hand. Its feet are like talons, to say the least. Blood-red talons. The face of the creature, is white and pale. The rest of the head is covered in scales. The eyes look tired. Its mouth is filled with blood-red sharp teeth. Daisuke and Katsu break out into a run.

"Susumu, what is that thing? You are the nerd," screams out Daisuke, running for his life.

"It seems to be a d-dragon..." quivers Susumu, his knees buckled.

"We need to get him out of there!" shouts Katsu as the demon leaps and glides toward Susumu. Katsu pulls down a branch and throws it at the dragon, impaling it. It starts to fade and Daisuke runs up and punches it, and it dissolves into steaming hot magma. Katsu looks around for the stick, and finds it impaled into the sidewalk. He picks it up.

"Th-thanks....." cowers Susumu.

Katsu is still staring at the sword when it begings to shimmer. It shortens and widens and turns into some sort of diamond-jeweled dagger. He pockets it without the others noticing. Daisuke sticks his finger near the lava, and he pulls it back and puts in his mouth instantly.

"Hot," he mumbles, turning away from Susumu.

November 1, 2013 8:00 AM Japan Standard Timezone

Inako Junior High School, Inako, Japan


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