The Decision


Air Date

June 28th, 2014






The Awaiting Road of Hope


Enter: The Military

The Decision is the second episode of Attack on Titan: Gale and the last episode of The Retreat arc.


10:43 AM YEAR 845

[The scene shows a shot of the Karanese District. Then of Patricia's house. Patricia is inside with her mother]

[Patricia's Mom] So, I heard you've been making new friends?

[Patricia] Yeah, both of them are really nice!

[Patricia's Mom] That's good to know...

[Patricia] But... I can't help but wonder what happened to the others...

[Patricia's Mom] What do you mean?

[Patricia] I mean.. the others... back in Shiganshina...

[Patricia's mom remains quiet]

[Patricia] Anyway, I gotta go. I'll be meeting with Nick and Sci soon.

[Patricia's Mom] Okay, but don't be too late!

[Patricia opens the door] Don't worry, I won't!

[She closes the door and walks to the right, on a straight street]

12:11 PM YEAR 845

[The next scene shows the morning sun, then a shot of Patricia as she is sitting on a bench. Two people walk near her, who turn out to be Nick and Sci]

[Nick] Hey!

[Sci] You're early.

[Patricia] Well it's better than being late now isn't it?

[Sci] Yeah I guess but guess what?

[Nick] The Survey Corps are returning from their expedition today.

[Patricia] ...Have you guys even seen the Survey Corps before?

[Nick looks at Sci. Sci looks back at him and they both shrug]

[Nick] We have, but only when they left for the expedition.

[Sci] Why do you ask?

[Patricia looks away as a flashback appears. A younger version of her is standing a long with other children behind a crowd of adults. They are trying to see what's going on]

[Girl] Hey, come on! I wanna see!

[Patricia] Hey, hold on! They're coming!

[The gate opens slowly as the heroes return. But they are all beat up with mortified expressions on their faces. They are carrying carts with corpses in it. The corpses aren't visible but the legs are sticking out. The crowd starts whispering, as Commander Erwin of the Survey Corps, leads the other soldiers. Some of them are on horseback.]

[Patricia looks terrified, then the scene shows a close-up of her face before it fades away and transcends back into the present, with a shot of her face from the same angle]

[Patricia suddenly focuses again]

[Patricia] I'll just... go home...

[Sci] What?

[Nick] But we just got here!

[Patricia] Trust me, if you don't leave you'll see something you wish you haven't.

[She stands up and walks back to the direction of her home]

[Nick and Sci look at each other] What was THAT all about?

[Sci shrugs] Whatever, they'll be here any moment!

[The scene switches to a shot of the gate, as it slowly opens]

[The screen goes black, then shows a shot of Patricia inside her house is shown. She is moving chess pieces by herself, while leaning on her shoulder]

3:34 PM YEAR 845

[A knock on the door is heard. She stands up]

[Patricia] One second!

[She opens the door and sees Nick and Sci there. They both have blank expressions on their faces]

[Patricia, sarcastlically] Well, how was it?

Music-icon Soundtrack - Vogel im Käfig

[Sci] That was...

[Nick] Disturbing...

[Sci] You said it.

[Nick] Well... may we come in?

[Patricia] Sure.

[The three of them walk in and sit around the table where the chess set was]

[Nick] I can't imagine what these people have seen out there...

[Sci] I don't want to know...

[Patricia] I've seen it...

[Nick] Oh... so that's why you-

[Patricia sighs] Yeah...

[Sci looks at Nick] Hey... you're planning on joining the military, right?

[Nick] That's right...

[Patricia looks up at him] Which branch are you choosing?

[Sci] Oh yeah, which one?

[Nick] What?

[Patricia] Don't you know?

[Sci] After graduating you can choose between the Survey Corps, The Garrison and the Military Police.

[Nick] Oh, that... well... I haven't given much thought to it but I know for a fact it won't be the MP.

[Patricia] But why not?

[Nick] The Military Police is full of corrupt sons of... ugh.

[Patricia] What makes you say that?

[Nick] What do you think? It's the truth...

[Sci] How do you even know that? You've never been to the interior.

[Nick] Actually...

[Patricia] Well I'm joining the military too then.

[Sci] What? You?

[Patricia] Yes, me.

[Nick] But you're-

[Patricia] What? Weak? Petite? What?

[Nick] Nothing it's just... where do you get that courage?

[Sci] What he said. How could you possibly have the intentions of being a soldier after witnessing what happened to your father?

[Patricia] Well the thing is... you guys inspire me.

[Nick] Huh?

[Patricia] Yeah... I admire your determination to break free, to see the outside world. It almost makes me feel like I can just... do it... right now.

[Sci] Well if that's the case... then I'm joining the military too.

[Patricia] Wait, really? But... why?

[Sci] The thing is...

[He looks away slightly as flashing images with various buildings, and a shot of the Trost district appears before it switches back to Sci]

[Sci] I'm not quite proud of...

[Nick] Yeah?

[Sci] Screw it. What I'm trying to say is, I'm with you guys. If you go, I go. I have as much as determination to see the outside world as you do, so don't think I'm getting left behind.

[Nick] Wouldn't dream of it.

[Patricia] But... aren't you afraid?

[Sci] There's this... thing Nick used to say before. You remember it right?

[Nick] How could I not...

[Patricia] Well... what is it?

[Nick stands up and stares blankly ahead]

[Nick] Fear is an illusion. To be alive isn't.

[They both remain quiet for a few moments]

[Patricia] There it is, that determination again.

[Nick] Heh, thanks.

[Sci] Well, what now? [He stands up, followed by Patricia]

[Nick] Now... we get prepared. We still have two years until we're old enough to join the military.

[Sci] Yeah, and I don't like field work anyway.

[Patricia] Neither do I.

[Nick] In other words...

[The camera shows the three of them from a frontal view]

[Nick] We're in this together.

[Patricia's Mom] No you're not, not yet.

[All three of them jump scared, Patricia turns around]

[Patricia] Mom? Uh... how long have you been standing there?

[Patricia's Mom] Long enough, but I understand you. All three of you.

[Patricia] Wait, you do?

[Patricia's Mom] Patricia, you are following up in your father's footsteps. He was had the same determination as you and your two friends here.

[Sci] Well, thank you but... I don't think we've introduced ourselves yet...

[Nick] Yeah, I'm-

[Patricia's Mom] No need for that. Patricia's already told me about you two. You're Sci and you're Nick?

[Nick] Well actually, I'm Nick. He's Sci.

[Patricia] Ugh... mom...

[Patricia's Mom] Well, it doesn't matter now that much doesn't it?

[Nick and Sci look at each other and shrug, again]

[Patricia] So... you won't try to stop me?

[Patricia's Mom] Of course not. I trust you can make the right choice. Besides, you got your friends there, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

[Patricia] Well... still, don't worry about me. I won't do anything stupid like the Survey Corps. Should I graduate, I will most likely choose the Garrison.

[Nick] Then it's the Garrison for me too!

[Sci] Count me in!

[Patricia's Mom smiles]

[Patricia's Mom] Well, don't get too confident, you still have two years before you are old enough to enlist in the military, but before that, there is something you should know.

[Nick] Hm?

[Patricia's Mom] The commander of the Garrison in this part of Wall Rose is Commander Skrill Lang.

[Patricia] Who is... oh you have got to be kidding me...

[Nick] Huh?

[Sci] Yeah, who is this guy?

[Patricia] He was a comrade of my father. He used to visit us in Shiganshina from time to time... I wonder what he's up to right now.

[Patricia's Mom] As I was saying, if you three are choosing the Garrison, don't make that man angry. He has had a short since... a certain event... and he doesn't forgive mistakes easily.

[Nick] I'm sure we have nothing to worry about, right?

[Patricia] Right!

[Sci] You bet.

[Patricia's Mom] Well then, I think that's all.

[Patricia] Thanks, mom...

[Sci] Don't worry Mrs. Deller!

[The three of them walk outside and then towards the direction of the fields from before]

7:19 PM YEAR 845

Music-icon Soundtrack - E.M.A

[The scene shows the setting sun, again, then the three of them, standing together, before the camera zooms away from them, as a clear shot of Wall Rose is shown]

Let us fight for a better future!

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