is the first episode of Pokémon Connection.


Team Sun were training their Pokémon in the region of Lzand.

(Nick): Haxorus, attack Krokorok with Earthquake!

(Karui): Flamethrower, now!

(Nick): What!?

Earthquake hit, and Nick and Haxorus were burned.

(Nick): SURF!

(Karui): Dragon Pulse!

It was a tie, and both Trainers hit the grass, wounded. Their Pokémon had fainted. Nurse Joy healed their Pokémon and the two returned to normal.

Over in the shade....

(Solo): I've figured out how we can capture all the Legendaries, sir!

(Ship): You said that a little loud.

Brian and Nar approached Team Underworld, but were stopped by Chrono and Cyber.

(Cyber): Punk! What're you doing here!?

(Brian): What are you doing here?

(Chrono): Metagross, Dynamic Punch!

(Brian): GO GALLADE!

Gallade shielded Brian.

Holly and Charbel came in riding their Pokémon (Pidgeot knows Fly and Garchomp knows Extremespeed.)

(Holly): Pidgeot, Whirlwind!

(Fuse): Lucario, Extremespeed!

Lucario attacked Pidgeot and Garchomp. Both fainted, and their trainers lay on the ground wounded.

(Jake): Venusaur, get that Haxorus!

(Karui): ROCK TOMB!

Krokorok created a Rock Tomb around Lucario.

(Nick): Haxorus, Extremespeed!

Venusaur whipped Haxorus. It lay paralyzed.

Ship and a Raichu walked up.

(Ship): Thundershock, Zoroark.

The Raichu thundershocked all of Team Sun. They all were paralyzed.

Raichu morphed into a Torterra, and Team Underworld walked away.

Later, after Team Sun were all healed.

(Nick): Did you see that Raichu?

(Brian): No, it was Torterra.

(Everyone): ....

(Brian): Okay, not Torterra.

(Karui): It was Zoroark.


Karui and Brian tackled each other and had wrestled on the floor.

(Charbel): Garchomp thinks it was a Mew.

(Holly): ... Mew?

(Nar): My laptop will answer.

(Brian): That's just a laptop, not a Pokédex.

(Nar): I put a Pokémon game in it.

(Everyone): Oh.

(Laptop): Mew, a legendary Pokémon. It can shapeshift, beach.


(Nar): NUU!

Nar and Brian wrestled on the ground.

Team Underworld walked in the PokéCenter.

(Solo): We'd like 10 Masterballs.

(Mart Attendant): That'll be 50 thousand Pokedollars.

(Chrono): No, it's free.

(Metagross): META!

(Chrono): HYPER BEAM!

The Mart center was destroyed. Ship took the Master Balls. Cyber and Chrono took the money.

(Solo): Sir, me and Ninetales can burn this place down.

(Ship): Solo, please do it. We can't have any witnesses, can we?

(Mew): Mew.

(Ship): Z, please use Flamethrower and help Solo.

Mew and Ninetales burned the centers to bits. Team Sun fled.

Mew teleported Team Underworld away to wear Team Sun is.

(Solo): Ninetales! Flamethrower!

Gallade protected Brian, and the two Pokémon fought.

(Ship): Mew, attack the Haxorus.

(Haxorus): ZOR!

All Pokémon fought each other, and Ship walked away to the side of a hill. A Fearow appeared.

(Ship): Go, Pokéball.

Ship captured the Fearow, and flew it into battle. The Fearow used Whirlwind, and blew Team Sun away.

(Nick): We'll be back.

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