BangBall Revolution
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date N/A
Written by AB
Directed by AB
Episode Guide
The First Battle
The Tall Terror Tower
The Frog BangBall is the second episode of BangBall Revolution.


The gang were walking to Yorudan's house at night.

(Yorudan): Yes, I'm sure my BangBall leveled up. See, watch this!

Yorudan put the moss BangBall in his gun. He shot it.


The moss BangBall rolled fast at a rock and launched it far away.

(Sal): Okay, we believe you now. Now put that thing away. It scares me.

Yorudan put the BangBall away. Yorudan went inside his house.

4 days later.......

It was nighttime, and Yorudan was trying to go to bed. A ribbit noise was heard.

(Yorudan): What was that?

He heard nothing. He put his head down, but another noise was heard. He ignored it. Another noise was heard.

(Yorudan): Okay, what is this?

He got out of bed and walked to the window. He lifted the blinds and looked out. He couldn't see anything. He kept the blinds up and got back in bed. Ribbits and hopping noises were heard. He jumped out of bed, and opened everything in the window. He held up his gun.


Yorudan shot the moss BangBall.


The moss BangBall fired moss everywhere, then came back to Yorudan. He waited for 5 minutes, and there were no noises. He got back in bed.

Theme song!

Puella was shown sleeping in her almost completely pink room. Outside, the noise was heard, but Puella had no windows, so she couldn't hear it.

To be continued.

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