Based on the mods and admins of Pokefarm.


  • Kolink (Shinx)
  • Wolfin (Ice Houndour)
  • Rokon (Articuno Vulpix)


Name Summary Witten By, POV
Chapter One, Kolink A Shinx is born and decides to go out on a journey. Sol, Kolikn's POV
Chapter Two, Arctic Kolink meets Wolfin and Rokon. Sol, Kolink's POV
Chapter Three, Depths Rokon is kidnapped by a group of rogue Trainers. Sol, Wolfin's POV
Chapter Four, Holly Kolink and Wolfin meat Professor Holly, and Rokon feels left out. Sol, Rokon's POV
Chapter Five, Cry A Lugia is attacked in the ocean, Kolink must achieve Aqua-Shinx to rescue it. Sol, Kolink's POV
Chapter Six, Replisol Kolink forms a rivalry with a speial Absol. Sol, Wolfin's POV
Chapter Seven, Caverns Rokon is trapped in a cavern, but is it a trap? Sol, Wolfin's POV
Chapter Eight, Run Rokon turns evil. Sol, Replisol
Chapter Nine, Rise A Torchic known as Flame Master hiding from his tribe joins the group of three.  Sol, Replisol
Chapter Ten, Noir A Warortle named Noir joins the fight against Rokon and the Kabooms. Sol, Flame Master

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