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The Mugsons is an animated family sitcom created by Mugster7StreetMReo 54, and TheThreeEds21. The main characters are a satire of weebs, TV nuts, soon-to-be girlfriends and All-American Boy-Next-Doors.

The main idea for The Mugsons was developed by Street and Mig on Planet Chaturn. The first season will consist of 6 episodes.

The series currently wants to murder MURDER by becoming TEE's most popular show.


The Mugsons was conceived by StreetM on Planet Chaturn when he asked Mig, if he can be adopted by Mig and his soon-to-be-girlfriend. He named the characters after users on BTFF. The first episode 'Meet the Mugsons' will debut sometimes in this fall.


The show will be written by an ensemble group of writers including Mugster7, StreetM, TheThreeEds21 and Reo 54, hopefully more to come.



The Mugsons focuses on four characters who live in the fictional American town of Autumnsky. Mig Mugson works at the Autumnsky local branch of TV Asahi, developing ideas for animes representing his weebness. Mig Mugson lives with his soon-to-be-girlfriend Jessica S. T. B. Mugson, a stereotypical American soon-to-be-girlfriend and soon-to-be-mother. They have an adoptive son named Street Mugson, a thirteen-year-old who just wants to stay alone in his room watching TV shows much to Jessica's disgust. They have a neighbor named Steve America, a 15 year-old all-american-boy next door who has a black belt in Italian karate. They own a dog named Sif who has starring roles in several episodes. The show includes an array of quirky characters: Stepbrothers, butlers, aliens, future sons from the future, grandfathers, more stepbrothers, sketch artists and psycho surgeons. 


The show takes place in the fictional United States city of Autumnsky in the state of Virginia.





Season 1

Image Episode Title Airdate # # Writer
Meet The Mugsons Unknown 1 1


Worst Day Ever Unknown 2 2



Exotic Butters

Unknown 3 3 Unknown

It Was The Butler


4 4




Unknown 5 5 Unknown


Unknown 6 6 Unknown


  • This Series was developed by StreetM on Planet Chaturn, tho others get credit for no reason, my main inspiration is Jessica, my soon-to-be-adoptive mother.
    • Although, it was inspired by a conversation between Migster7 and StreetM about going to see a movie and inviting Street to tag along.
    • And Reo started with the Name Mug and that is why the show is called The Mugsons and not The Migsons

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